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The outbreak of COVID-19 is not just reshaping our society, but also fundamentally changing and accelerating the way we do business. In the past few months, many companies that were running on outdated technologies had to shut down operations. Even though unemployment is on the rise and layoffs are happening across different sectors and industries, there are certain emerging areas that offer more rewarding and safe careers. Upskilling in any of these fields will hold one in good stead in the long term. Here are a few options:

Data science: The role of a data scientist involves collecting, analysing, and interpreting huge amounts of data that can be used to solve complicated problems. The courses let one master skills such as data analytics, programming, statistical computing, Machine Learning algorithms, k-means clustering, and more with multiple hands-on exercises and project work in the domains of banking, finance, entertainment, and more. On an average, in India, an entry-level data scientist earns between ₹4-5 lakhs per annum.

Machine Learning: It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that involves the creation of automated machines/models that learn by experience. It involves the use of computer algorithms to handle multi-variety and multi-dimensional data in dynamic environments, and has wide applicability in retail, publishing and healthcare.

Courses cover a detailed overview of various algorithms and techniques, such as regression, classification, time series modelling, supervised and unsupervised learning, and Natural Language Processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): An AI specialist will know how to build services like chatbots, and implement natural language processing and image recognition. A comprehensive AI programme will help one master various aspects of artificial neural networks, supervised and unsupervised learning, logistic regression with a neural network mindset, binary classification, vectorisation, Python for scripting Machine Learning applications, and much more.

Cloud & DevOps: A DevOps specialist makes IT software and systems work smarter and faster. Their primary goal is to bring IT processes, systems and products together to deliver particular business outcomes. Courses in Cloud and DevOps provide extensive training on concepts such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, DevOps, and Python all the way to deploying DevOps on these platforms and more.

Full Stack Web Development: A full stack developer is one who is familiar and hands-on with all the layers in computer software development and has the functional knowledge and capability to convert a concept into a finished product. On an average, a full-stack web developer earns anywhere between ₹6-8 lakhs a year.

A course in this will equip one with skills like python, MEAN stack, NodeJS, MongoDB (NoSQL), Python Django, NodeJS, ReactJS, Quality and Performance, DevOps, and so on.

The writer is the Founder and CEO of IntelliPaat.

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