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Nandini RamanJanuary 29, 2022 15:54 IST
Updated: January 29, 2022 15:54 IST

Uncertain about your career options? Low on self-confidence? This Q&A column may help.

I am in class 12 in the Bio-Science stream. My parents want me to do medicine. But I am interested in marine engineering. Could you give me information regarding the field so that I can talk to my parents? – Yadunand

Dear Yadunand,

Marine Engineering is the Engineering of boats, ships, submarines, and other marine vessels. It deals the design, innovation, construction and maintenance of seagoing vessels and navigation equipment. Some of the best colleges are in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Noida. Tell them that you have an active interest in this rather than in medicine and that this will make you happy.


I will complete my graduation and internship in Dentistry in January 2022. I want to study public health. I want to study abroad but do not have many funds. So I planned to do a Master’s in India first and then do a Ph.D. Is this a good option? - Krishnendu Debnath

Dear Krishnendu,

All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Kolkata, is a pioneering institute for research and training in public health and allied sciences. They have good PG and PG Diploma courses in Public Health ( Don’t compare yourself to others who are studying abroad. About doing Master’s in India and doctorate abroad, check scholarship requirements at the universities. You could also take a student loan. You also need to check the validity of your Master’s course and the credits required for admission into a doctorate programme.

I am pursuing UG Computer Science & Engineering. I like researching the subjects but I hate the way of learning only through course objectives. How can I stop myself from losing interest? Also I tend to panic when I hear placements and projects. How can I overcome that? – Hari

Dear Hari,

Try to read up, research and get deeper into your academic preparation, especially given the fact that it stimulates your learning process. Gather as much information during the class on topics being discussed so that you can read up and review the same on your own. What is that intimidates you about placements and projects? Don’t let the inadequacy of the system spiral into a fear of not being competent and good enough. Don’t drop your innate methodology to study, learn and thrive.

I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. I would like to do another Master’s in Neuropsychology abroad. But my degree major wasn’t Psychology. What should I do? – Nisha

Dear Nisha,

Shortlist colleges where you can apply for a Master’s programme in Neuropsychology. I doubt if you can do that without a major in Psychology in UG but check with the college/s. Only they have the final authority to make an exception or give you another course/elective to make good the credit points needed. Start a dialogue and start working on plan B.

Disclaimer: This column provides advice and suggestions on education and careers. It is merely a guiding voice.

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