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Most experts believe it takes at least two months for a practice to become a habit. Many of us end every Sunday thinking we will start eating healthy or exercising from Monday to lead a stress-free life. Then comes the beginning of the week and it is back to square one. However, if we manage to follow through, nothing can be better than leading a healthy life. Here are two apps to see you through.


Bon app-Etit

Sometimes training in your college or working out in a gym might not be helping you to reduce fat in your body. This could be because after the workout you might be, without realising, eating more junk than nutritious food. Lifesum could help you here by keeping track of your daily calorie intake, informing you about which nutrition is missing from your diet and providing you with healthy and delicious recipes. The app has food planners for diet plans such as paleo, sugar-free or keto.


Bon app-Etit

Just 15 minutes of meditation a day can help us reduce stress, control anxiety, improve attention span, etc. Meditopia comes with more than 200 meditation sessions that are available in English and Spanish. Apart from regular meditation sessions, it also focuses on specialised programmes such as body awareness, gratitude, self-confidence, compassion, and so on. You can listen to music mixed with nature sounds, use a timer to meditate and even download sessions and concentrate on them later.

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