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An educator is not merely confined to students’ academic enrichment, but significantly influences their life by connecting with them on multiple levels. The best teachers are extensively committed to their students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom. Appreciation, criticism, punishments, applauses — whatever a teacher rewards the student with, all have a great impact on them for a lifetime. Apart from lessons defined in the syllabus, teachers effectively teach important life lessons to students by building a strong relationship. This helps students to succeed beyond standardised term papers.

Though it is extremely challenging to build or re-mould an individual’s personality, the exceptional power and dedication of a good educator can overcome such challenges to make a difference in his/her pupil’s life. Some apprentices need an extra push, while others may need adequate counselling or a mentor who listens to their personal and academic problems. A life-changing educator is always there to resolve students’ problems with constructive solutions. They use three prime tools to influence students.


Teachers use the magic wand of their knowledge to make monotonous lessons fun. They make classroom learning memorable, by using an interactive and engaging teaching style. They have a keen sense to identify students’ behaviour, interests and disinterests. Educators make these factors a teaching tool and frame a holistic approach to engage every student and thus impactfully educate every student.


Great teachers have the charisma to inspire students to work hard and achieve even the most difficult goal. They use personal examples, motivational experiences and practical approaches to encourage students to excel in their lives and fulfil their potential. Such educators mould individuals into dynamic personalities who are self-motivated and ready to face and boldly overcome challenges.


Teachers are mostly considered trusted and reliable source of advice by the students while making crucial life decisions. Educators guide pupils to pursue their dreams by choosing the right academic course and career opportunities that cater to their interests and capability, rather than blindly going with the flow. Students also perceive teachers as a role model and an ocean of knowledge and experience who diligently evaluate every aspect before advising.

Research suggests that one in four students dropout of school because of various concerns, but an adept educator can predict this possibility by noticing the struggle of the student. Responsible teachers understand the sensitivity of the situation and intervene before it is too late. They make students understand drastic outcomes of dropping out and rather show them the brighter side. They consistently assist students to identify the core problem and work hard in to root out the issue.

The writer is Founder, Sookshmas.

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