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Persist Stay motivated

Persist Stay motivated   | Photo Credit: K. Murali Kumar

Keeping yourself motivated is essential while preparing for JEE.

Preparing for JEE requires a lot of hard work and determination. To sail across the choppy tides of questions, you need to hone an inherent set of analytical thinking. Therefore, simply completing the syllabus is not enough as you require to exhibit a greater dexterity over objective thought process.

JEE preparation is more like a race against time, where the most influential rule of Darwin is applicable — survival of the fittest. To crack the hard yet rewarding competitive exam, it is essential to keep yourself motivated throughout.

Ways to stay motivated

Positive self-affirmation: It is common to get stuck as you keep on solving a particular type of problem on a daily basis; maybe it’s the monotony that gets you or maybe it’s the level of challenges. Whenever you get trapped into a situation, it becomes dreary and gets you de-motivated to that extent that you even start contemplating about dropping the subject. At this point, you need to remind yourself that the struggle is not yours alone as students go through it on a yearly basis and powering through this is the only available solution. Identify the real problem that is stopping you from moving forward and devise the best way to make the most of your time and effort.

Learn from the mistakes: The fear of failure is a huge myth that requires to be busted — there is no such thing as failure. Mistakes happen and the only way to get anything out of them is to learn from your mistakes. No matter how hard or difficult the fall, you need to dust yourself off and continue putting in the effort. Coming to terms with shortcomings, soldiering up and moving forward is the way fighters win battles.

Be self-driven: In this rigorous field of assessment, it is natural to dwindle. Yet, giving up isn’t the solution. While teachers may guide you and parents may encourage you, the fight is only yours as encountering the problem and being self-driven is the best way to go about it. Find out what drives you and once you identify your drive, it gets easier to deal with the struggles or mistakes. You need to know that you can count on yourself to deal with whatever the exam throws at you. Self-belief is what separates brilliance from average.

Harbour good company: Humans are greatly afflicted by the energies that surround them. When you are amid good company, it’s just natural to imbibe the good spirits and pass it along. Make sure you surround yourself with strong-willed, self-driven people and you will find that just being in their company is motivating enough.

Competitive exam is like a race; if you don’t bear the required zeal and alacrity to win over it, you are likely to be left behind. The above tricks should urge you keep your momentum high and in turn, you can be the secret to your success.

The writer is an expert, FIITJEE.

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