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Millions of students worldwide have opted for a career in computer science and more will continue to do so because of the growth it offers, especially for software engineers. However, many still have doubts and questions such as “How does one enter into the world of software engineering?”, “What do software engineers do?” or “What skills should a software engineer possess?” Here are some answers.

Job profile

These IT professionals implement the software engineering principles to design and develop projects and manage maintenance, testing, and other related tasks. They usually possess extensive knowledge of programming languages, operating systems, SDLC, Data Structures and Algorithms, and several others and are also highly sought after by almost every product-based company.

Where to start

The simplest and most conventional approach is a Bachelor’s degree programme in Computer Science, as it offers a comprehensive course of various fundamentals topics of software engineering. Though, this is not mandatory, a degree in CS/IT gives one the upper hand during the recruitment process. Those who cannot pursue a degree course can opt for training sessions, boot camps, and other short-term courses to build their foundation.

Required skills

Several students make a mistake by relying almost entirely upon the curriculum of the degree programme and not focusing on other skills. A proficient software engineer needs to be well-versed with several skills such as programming languages like Java, Python, C++, Ruby, Data Structures and Algorithms, Design and Architecture, Debugging and Testing, and so on.

Get practical exposure

To be an effective software engineer, a student must gain hands-on experience to be able to implement CS fundamentals and software engineering principles in the real world. The learner can work on several minor and major projects or contribute to an open-source projects to gain exposure. One can also join an internship programme to gain experience in a real environment. Working on several projects and internships will open opportunities for employment.

Be flexible and stay updated

Whether a beginner or a worker, one has to stay updated with the latest trends and keep learning to stay relevant. This can be challenging as the software industry is one of the fastest growing. But this is an essential requirement. The industry also demands flexibility and so, no matter what one’s expertise in specific areas is, one should always be open to learning new skills or technologies.

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