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I am passionate about Fine Arts but afraid to make it my career since I believe that there is very little scope in India and also about societal pressure. I am in my second year of my B.Tech. I have never been happy or passionate about pursuing science or B.Tech. Now I don't feel like doing anything in life. I feel lifeless and depressed. Please help. – Anamika

Dear Anamika,

Please meet a good counselling therapist first and then a career guidance specialist. You need to live life on your terms and conditions not with and because of societal pressure. No point in finishing your B.Tech with brilliant grades and a fantastic CGPA and barely living, only with the help of psychiatrists and counsellors to deal with your anxiety, depression, low self-esteem issues and zero confidence!

Also, you seem to be misinformed about the scope of Fine Arts in India. Professionals with a Fine Arts degree have career opportunities across designing, animation, art studios, ad agencies, educational institutions, cinema, television, product design across different companies, manufacturing, entertainment, publishing houses and so on. Help is available, reach out!

I am in the second year of Bachelor’s degree in Physics. I did a diploma course in Data Science. What are options after my degree? What do I need to do to become a data scientist? – Prasanth

Dear Prasanth,

Your current course will prove to be helpful in you becoming a Data Scientist. Try and do some research work in experimental physics. Learn programming and enhance your problem solving and research skills. The diploma is an added advantage. Post this course, opt for a Master’s program or a certificate course. Alternatively, a MBA in Data Science or IT will also be very useful.

I am 23 years and completed B.Tech. Biotechnology last year. I want to do a diploma course that will fetch me a decent job. I am confused about what to do and the job possibilities in biotechnology. – Prachi

Dear Prachi,

Depends on where your interests lie. The possible job opportunities are: Food processing, Bio-processing industries, Drug and Pharma research, Environment control, Lab chemicals, Waste management, Energy, Public funded projects. Depending on what you like, specific certifications and specialisations are available. The best would be to short list some internship options across different fields and try them out before you narrow down your future study option.

I am 25 and finished B Pharm in 2018. Till mid-2019 I was unemployed. Then I got a job, which I took though the pay was low. Within four months, I changed for better pay but quit that in six months due to issues with the management. I am frustrated as the industry is one of the worst paid. The only job left is retail and I don't want to do that. I don’t have the money to do a Master’s. Please help. – KM

Dear KM,

Are finances the only problem or is there something else brewing underneath? For higher education, you can apply for a student loan. There are also self-employment business prospects that one can explore, but I want to know why you left both jobs? What were the specific issues with the management? Self-introspection and some external help may lead you to understand what is blocking you from tapping into your best. Have you thought of career options in the government? If none of this excites you, you can change your field, but that will need you to equip yourself with the appropriate academic skill sets first. Speak to a counsellor first to get clarity.

Disclaimer: This column provides advice and suggestions and is not a substitute for long-term therapy. Some issues may need medical intervention.

The writer is a practising counsellor and a trainer. Send your questions to with the subject line ‘Off the edge’.

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