Sanjay Agarwal (56): India’s median CEO

Last week, a New York Times piece that found that there are more American CEOs named John or David than there are women CEOs, got us thinking about the demographic profile of India’s top executives.

So we analysed the names of CEOs and MDs of companies listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), based on data from Developed & Powered by PRIME Database. Of the 1475 companies listed on the NSE, data about the CEO and/ or MD is available for 1262 companies, who have between them 1417 CEOs and MDs.

Here’s what we found.

Sanjay is the most popular Indian CEO or MD name, closely followed by Sunil.

Agarwals, Guptas and Jains are the most common CEO or MD surnames in India.

The median CEO is 56.

There are just 38 female CEOs or MDs (2.7 per cent of all); men named Anil and Sanjay alone outnumber all women CEOs.

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