Data | Daily COVID-19 vaccination pace at record low in May even as Centre opens up doses for adults

Citizens wait in a queue as they wait to receive a dose of COVID-19 vaccine, at ESIS Hospital in Navi Mumbai, on May 13, 2021.   | Photo Credit: PTI

Despite opening up COVID-19 vaccination for all adults from May 1, the average number of doses administered in India dropped to very low levels this month. In the first 10 days of May, only 1.7 million doses were administered per day on average, lower than the 2.4 million doses administered in the previous 10-day period. If India is aiming to vaccinate all adults (940 million people*2 doses) by the end of 2021, the average daily dose has to increase to at least 7.3 million, four times the current rate. The high reduction in daily average doses administered in Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Bengal led to the massive drop in India's pace.

Degree of drop

From May 1 to 101 1.77 million doses were administered daily on average in India compared to the 2.48 million doses administered between April 21 and 30. At the current pace, India will be able to administer 316 million doses by July 31, which is about 184 million doses lower than the target (upper bound) of 500 million.


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Holiday low

On two Sundays (May 2 and May 9), the total number of vaccine doses administered was just over 11 lakh, pulling down the average pace in May.


State of play

The chart shows the average daily doses administered in April 21-30 (P1) and May 1-10 (P2) in major States.

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The sharp drop is due to insufficient supply of vaccines from the Centre. The 18 crore doses supplied by the Centre until 8 a.m. on May 11 were enough to administer a single dose to only about 19% of the adult population. Over 95% of the doses supplied by the Centre have already been utilised by the States/UTs, indicating a high demand. Due to inadequate supply, only close to 4% of adults in India have received both the doses.

Limited supply

The 18 crore vaccine doses received by all the States/ UTs till May 11 are enough to vaccinate only 19.15% of India's adult population. The map shows the State-wise % of adults who can receive at least one dose using the supply available.


Full utilisation

Of the 18 crore vaccines received by all the States/ UTs till May 11, 95% have been utilised. The map shows the State-wise utilisation % till May 11. The darker the colour, the higher the utilisation. Of the 35 States/UTs* analysed, utilisation exceeded 85% in 25 of them. This includes all the major States. Adults who can be given at least one vaccine shot with the current supply exceeded the 30% mark in only six of the 35 States/UTs* analysed