Data | Assembly elections 2021: Voter turnout lower in 90% of seats compared to 2016

Voters with mask waiting for their turn to cast their votes in the Assembly elections at a booth at R.S. Puram on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: M. Periasamy

Compared to the 2016 Assembly election, turnout decreased in 90% of the 530 seats in the four States where voting for the 2021 State polls took place on April 6.

Nearly 86% of seats in Tamil Nadu, 95% in Kerala, 90% in Assam, and all the seats in Puducherry recorded lower turnout than in 2016. Despite the fall in numbers, 80%-plus voter turnout was recorded in more than 60% of the seats in Assam and Puducherry.

In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, on the other hand, only 17% and 6% of the seats recorded turnouts more than 80%. In Tamil Nadu, in 6% of the seats, mostly in urban areas, the turnout was less than 60%.

Tamil Nadu

The chart shows the turnout (in %) in the past 10 elections in Tamil Nadu, coloured according to winning coalition.


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The maps depict the constituency-wise turnout in Tamil Nadu in 2021, and the change in turnout from 2016 (in % points) respectively. The tables show the turnout range-wise share of seats and the share of seats according to the change in % points.