You are GREAT

Did you know, every complete sentence has a subject and a predicate.

You are great.

You are lovely.

You can do it.

(Yes, YOU!)

YOU are important in these sentences! You are the subject. The subject of a sentence is what a sentence is all about.

…are great, … are lovely,can do it are predicates of the sentence.

Predicates follow the subject. Predicates are the verb forms that say something about the subject.

The simple subject is the main word that tells us what or whom the sentence is about and the words that tell us what or whom the sentence is about is the complete subject.

The simple predicate is the main word that tells us something about the subject and the complete predicate is all the words that tell us about the subject.

The cuddly bear lumbered into the deep forest.

In the above sentence, bear is the simple subject and the cuddly bear is the complete subject while lumbered is the simple predicate and lumbered into the deep forest is the complete predicate.

You are great, you are lovely and you can do it! Making more sense now?

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