Open and shut cases Children

What is CC?

The Hoppers got a frantic call from Bruno, the bear in Eastern Russia. They were under threat from a monster, but they had no idea what or who it was!

On a spring afternoon, Rock, Rana and Let-it-be of the Hopper detective agency met Bruno somewhere in Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Russia. The big brown bear had invited them to come to the Arctic region to find out about CC.

“Hey Hoppers, I am terrified even though I am a strong, ferocious bear. Everyone here is talking about the monster CC that is going to kill us. I want you to find out what it is so that I can destroy it before it kills us.”

“That’s intriguing,” said Rock, the penguin thoughtfully. “Let’s get to work by talking to those who live here.”

“That’s a good idea. We will talk to Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer,” said Rana, the frog.

After a few hops, the detectives were at Rudolph’s little cottage. The brown bear thumped on his door. “Come on out, Rudolph! We want to talk to you,” he thundered.

The reindeer opened the door. As always, he wore a cap and a woollen scarf to keep him warm. “Hey, what do you want? You unsophisticated bear!” he asked angrily.

Rock cleared his throat. “You do remember us? We solved the mystery of Northern Lights. Now we are here to find out who or what CC is.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I too suffer from it. We reindeer can smell lichen and moss that grow deep under the snow. We dig them up and feed on them. But CC does not allow me to do so,” complained the reindeer.

An answer

“Tell us what CC is,” asked Let-it-be, in a gentle voice.

“Common cold, I suffer from it all the time.”

Rana rolled his eyes upward. “That’s not the answer we are looking for. Come on, let’s go!”

They soon met a big, grumpy snow owl. She listened patiently to the detectives. “Yes, I do know what CC is. In fact, I know two — both are annoying. One is congested coastline and the other country cousins. Do you see how irritating and noisy these migratory birds are? They come in thousands every year just to annoy us.”

An Arctic fox who was listening in told them what he thought CC meant. “I think CC stands for cunning coyote that lives down south in the U.S. I fear, with the global warming and what not, he is going to come here to eat my share of food.”

The grasshopper’s eyes lit up. “Your explanation is giving me ideas. We should talk to Polar Bear and his family,” he chirped excitedly.

Polar bear was in a jolly mood. He had eaten a large dinner and he was eager to help the detectives. “CC? Let me think. I have heard that many times before. They say my son is a CC —a carbon copy of me,” he replied with a grin.

Rock shook his head in frustration. “How come no one in this region had heard of CC that was threatening to kill them all?”

Polly Bear gave them an answer that really mattered. “I think you are talking about the monster CC that is melting the Arctic sea ice on which seals, our dinner, rest. CC causes peat moss in bogs to burn. That means no moss for moose. CC also confuses plants and migratory birds. With warm temperatures around, they don’t know when winter ends and when spring begins.”

Let-it-be looked up from his iPad. He smiled broadly. “You are so right, Polly Bear. The monster is climate change. We all have to fear it.”

They all nodded gloomily. The Arctic looked bleaker than before.

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