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With the war between the Pandavas and Kauravas about to begin, Belarsen, with his magical arrows, decided to help the losing side. This worried Krishna...

Here is a story from the Mahabharata.

In the epic, the Pandava, Bhima married a forest dweller named Hidimba and they had a son named Ghatotkacha. This story is about Ghatotkacha’s son Belarsen.

Belarsen received a gift of three magical arrows from Lord Shiva. The first would mark whatever he wanted to destroy, the second to keep those he wanted to save and the third would actually do the actual work of destruction.

When the war between the Pandavas and Kauravas was about to begin, Belarsen decided that he would be an onlooker and only help the losing side if he felt sorry for them. But, when Krishna asked how many days it would take him to end the war, Belarsen’s answer was “one minute”.

This made Krishna anxious. Donning a disguise, he went to visit Belarsen.

In the course of their conversation, he asked the latter to demonstrate his arrows by shooting down the leaves of a tree in the distance. But first, he hid one leaf under his foot. When Belarsen shot the first arrow, it made a mark on all the trees and on Krishna’s foot. Now Krishna was extremely worried. He realised that nothing could be hidden from these arrows and that Belarsen could win the war single-handed if he wished.

Change in tactic

Krishna told Belarsen that if he helped the losing side, then the opposite faction would start losing. So, he would have to switch sides and that, if this went on, Belarsen would finally be the only person left alive.

And then, Krishna asked for a boon: Belarsen’s head. To consecrate the battlefield with the blood of the bravest warrior.

Belarsen realised that his visitor was no ordinary man. Krishna then revealed his true form and Belarsen agreed to be sacrificed if he could still be a spectator. Krishna agreed. After the warrior was sacrificed, Belarsen’s head was fixed on a pole near the battlefield.

Finally after the war, the winning army began an argument about who was the best warrior and it was decided to put the question to Belarsen’s head. His answer was, “I saw only two things: a chakra that was destroying those who were against Dharma and Goddess Kali who devoured those guilty of wrongdoing.”

The Pandavas realised that they were just tools in the hands of divine forces who had decided to cleanse the world of sinners.

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