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Vineet’s Magic MantraEverything’s perfect!

The story so far: Thanks to the magic mantra, Vineet finds that he gets his crackers and escapes his punishment.

After his father’s attitude changed, Vineet would not be separated from the mantra. He carried the paper in his pocket to school. Even when he visited the mall or played with his friends, the paper stayed with him.

At the mall, he was greeted with “You are our seventh customer and, as it’s our seventh anniversary, we want to gift this video game to to you!”

The shop owner handed Vineet the video game that every boy was yearning for. He was delighted and took the gift, as his friend looked on wistfully.

Vineet carried the paper everywhere; whether at home or in school. Teachers forgot to scold him for shoddy assignments or incomplete homework.

“Vineet will be the class prefect for this academic year,” the class teacher announced. Everyone was shocked! So was Vineet.

Vineet went up to her desk, and his teacher pinned the prefect badge to his collar.

All day long, Vineet floated on Cloud Nine.

At night, when he showed his family the prefect badge, his mom burst into tears.

“I’m so proud of you Vineet,” his dad smiled. “I’ll give your mobile phone and laptop back after dinner.”

Vineet grinned.

Everyone’s favourite

Vineet tried the power of his mantra on Mrs. Sen. Her attitude towards him changed drastically. He became her favourite boy in the neighbourhood.

“Such a sweet boy,” she ruffled his hair whenever she met him in their lane. It was Friday, the day students were to submit their Science assignment. Vineet had played all through the weekend spending very little time on his assignment. While submitting his assignment Vineet stared at the teacher and chanted the mantra a few times.

“Vineet,” the Biology teacher said half an hour later. “Your assignment is the best.”

Vineet was thrilled. He repeated the mantra five more times.

“I’m nominating your name to represent our school for the Junior School Biology Exhibition in Chennai next week.”

He gasped! This was far better than he had expected.

To be continued...

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