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Summer’s End: Sweet pears

The story so far: Dhruv, Keya and Mishti find Albert in the vegetable garden with a curious story. And through the night, they have the feeling that they’re being watched.

Early the next morning, clutching hot mugs of coffee and discussing their plan of action, they were startled by knocking at the front door. “I’ll get it,” said Albert, whose face still bore the scars of last night’s assault.

Moti uncle looked worried and followed him. Mishti was subdued and refused to leave Moti uncle’s side. The house was a mess with things lying all over, as if a hurricane had struck.

The rain had stopped and the ground was soggy; the lawn covered with leaves that the wind had ruthlessly plucked from the trees. It was a wet and grim morning. Albert opened the door to find two teenagers.

Ready to pick

“Uncle, you said we could pluck the pears,” said one. “We came early because my mother wants to take it to the market today.”

“Ah…um…yes…ok…” Albert muttered.

After they finished the coffee, Albert picked up the cups and said, “I’ll start breakfast. You must be hungry after last night’s excitement.”

“That would be nice. Are you up to it? Would you like one of us to help?” asked Moti uncle.

“Cooking helps me relax. I’ll be fine.” A piercing scream broke the morning calm. Albert dropped the tray and they ran to the front door.

The two boys were clinging to each other; terror writ large on their faces as they looked towards the upstairs windows.

“What is it?” shouted Moti uncle. Shivering, one of the boys pointed. Moti uncle looked up and visibly paled. He charged back into the house taking the steps two at a time and barged into his room. But, there was no one there. It was just as he had left it. The others crowded at the door.

“What did they see?” asked Dhruv.

“No idea. Obviously, something that frightened them so much they screamed,” said Moti uncle.

“Let’s find out,” said Keya.

They turned to leave and Mishti let out a yowl and cowered in a corner. Half dragging, half carrying her, Keya took her out of the room.

Just as she stepped out, she sensed a movement inside. When she turned around, there was nothing. She shrugged and followed the others.

Moti uncle was questioning the boys. Albert had brought them hot sweet tea to help them recover from their shock. Shaking and shivering, they said, “We thought uncle was trying to tell us something. We looked up…at that window…”

To be continued...

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