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Sweet surprise

The story so far: While undergoing punishment from his father, Vineet comes across a magic mantra in the puja room while cleaning it.

With just one reading, Vineet memorised the mantra and, unconsciously, began chanting it like the words of his favourite song.

“Vineet, you have worked hard today. Go to your room and lie down. I’ll ask Richa to complete the job,” Dadi said, sitting up.

Unable to believe his luck, Vineet bolted out of the room before she changed her mind. “Dadi let me go even though I’ve not completed the work,” he grinned.

He had a drink of water and flopped down on his bed, his thoughts flying towards the magic mantra.

Magic is might?

“Has the mantra fulfilled my wish, as promised in the paper?” he wondered. Dismissing the magic mantra as hogwash, he began to dream about his favourite ice-cream, which he had seen the cook place in the freezer.

He was drooling as the urge to eat chocolate ice-cream overpowered him. He entered the kitchen, pretending to get a glass of water. The cook was wiping down the platform.

Seeing him, the cook growled, “What are you doing here? Lunch time is over.”

“Is there a restriction on water?” Vineet asked sarcastically, as he opened the fridge door and removed a bottle of water.

Again, he repeated the mantra, grudgingly admitting that the words were musical and easy to remember.

“If only I was alone, I could have eaten the chocolate ice-cream,” he grumbled. “It’s no use hoping the cook would serve me a few scoops.”

Vineet stared at the cook scrubbing gravy stains from the white marble counter, and chanted the mantra again, as he drank some water. “Your favourite ice-cream. I don’t think you enjoyed your lunch,” the cook said, offering him a bowl filled with two scoops.

Vineet was shocked to see a concerned look on his face. Was he playing a trick, settling old scores by getting him into trouble with his father? Moving towards the kitchen door, the cook shut it firmly. “Better eat this before someone comes.”

To be continued

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