Seeing is believing?

Hey everyone! I have a bad case of writer’s block, so I asked my cousin S to take on this week’s column. Don’t worry, S is as cool as I am (though she thinks she’s cooler). She wanted to call the column Bug Girl or Bug Person, but I didn’t want to confuse my long-time, loyal, loving readers. It’s still Bug Boy, okay; don’t let her tell you otherwise.

So, the Bug Boy has writer’s block and asked me to take over till his ‘well of creativity is no longer dry’. His words; NOT MINE. Is it just me, or is BB a little super dramatic sometimes? How do you all put up with him every week?

Anyway, I’m doing this strictly as a one-time favour to him. So, allow me to introduce myself. I’m S, 11 years old, live in Chennai and am the coolest girl BB knows.

I’m writing this week’s column as #MahilaKisanDiwas trends on Twitter. Now, before you tell my mom or anything, I’m not ON Twitter; I just use her account to doom scroll and see cat videos.

Something new

Now, the reason this hashtag caught my eye was because when I was a kid — and not so cool or so smart — I thought all farmers were men. It’s not my fault, ok? It’s Old McDonald’s. Ever since the Farmers’ Protests started in Delhi, I’ve been seeing just how many women farm too! And they’re totally rad!

Well, apparently not everyone thinks it’s so cool that they’re out there fighting for their rights. The Chief Justice of our country said that protests were no place for women, and that they weren’t safe for them to be at. So, the farmers decided to show just how crucial women are to farming (and everything on the planet) by having a #MahilaKisanDiwas.

Now, I’m usually not such a big fan of ‘days for women’. I think that, instead of all the effort people put into celebrating these days and hash tagging, they should just focus on removing all the stupid things standing in the way of women doing what they want.

But, I thought MahilaKisanDiwas was pretty cool. Because I’ve never seen women farmers before and because they were doing super cool things like driving a tractor, leading protests and shouting slogans! It made me realise how much we believe based on the images we see. Which is why it’s so important to have more images of women protesting, being vocal and fighting for their rights. Then, no one can say that they don’t have a place in protests.

So, if you’re one of those people who think women can’t do this or girls can’t do that, why not do an Internet search? You’d be amazed by how wrong you are!

Actually, this whole column writing thing is kind of fun. I hope Bug Boy’s writing block lasts a little longer.

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