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Road Rage

It was later than we thought. The road work and traffic jams had delayed our arrival. It was now close to midnight, and we were tired and hungry. I stepped on the gas, as I navigated the winding roads that led to the little town nestled in the Western Ghats. The thick fog obliterated everything ahead of us. The moon fought valiantly to send pale beams our way.

A strange figure

Tired and hungry, I urged the car to move faster. We turned a corner and my headlights picked up a small, frail figure shivering in the cold. As we drew closer we saw it was a woman, wet and bedraggled. I slowed down to offer help. But Smitha screamed.


Puzzled, I peered through the windscreen. I saw a translucent form, blood pouring out from the head onto the pale formless face with wide staring eyes. I froze, my foot refusing to press down on the accelerator peddle.

Smitha was hysterical. “Go, Mina. Go…for heaven’s sake…DRIVE!” she screamed.

But I was hypnotised. The phantom stretched out its hand, almost touching the car. I snapped out of my trance and raced off. We arrived at our hotel, shaken and wild-eyed.

The manager was in the lobby when we arrived. He took one look at us and realised we had had a terrible experience. He seated us in the lobby and ordered hot soup for us. It took us a hot soup and the comfort of lights and human presence to bring us back to normal. We then recounted our experience to the manager.

The story behind

He nodded, sighed and said, “It’s sad story. A few years ago, an elderly couple was driving down that road late one evening. Some young men from the city were behind them and they were in a hurry. The roads being narrow and winding, they could not overtake. Angry and frustrated, they honked and harassed the couple, shouting and waving their fists. At one corner, they raced ahead and blocked the passage of the other car. They got out of their car and a fight ensued. The old man tried to reason with them but he only managed to anger them more. The boys shook and rocked the car. The old couple shouted for help, pleading with them to stop, but this excited the youngsters even more. Finally, they tumbled the car into the ravine. Just then a car drew up and the culprits were caught red-handed. However, it was too late to save the old couple. The car had rolled down into the ravine and they were never seen again. Even the rescue team could not reach them as it was too steep and dangerous. Ever since, people driving by have seen this apparition on the roadside begging for help.

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