Quarantine minus the canine

So, the big news in these parts of the world is that my entire family is under a two-week home quarantine. Nope, none of us have COVID-19; but the didi who works in our house — well, actually her brother got it. Which sucks. I feel bad for him, I really do. And I hope he gets well soon.

But because of him, we are under the worst kind of lockdown — one with no W!

So, we can’t leave our house for the next two weeks, which means we can’t take W down for all his walks. (One person helpfully suggested we take him down in the morning at 4.00a.m. How would YOU like to be woken up at 4 a.m. to go the bathroom? Plus, do you think dogs pee only once a day? Do YOU pee only once a day? No, right? Then, don’t expect my dog to).

Anyway, we left W at the kennel on Sunday, and it sucked. At first, W thought we were going on a drive or something, so he was super excited. He put his head out the window the entire time barking at everyone and having a blast. Then, when we pulled up at the kennel, he KNEW where we were, hid under the car seat and refused to come out. W is not a big dog but, what he lacks in size, he sure does make up for in will power.

Watchdog alert

Some people think dogs are not very smart, but that’s just not true. Dogs can be trained to work with the police to sniff out bombs and find clues. They act as guides to people with visual impairments and can even act as a form of therapy for when you’re feeling down and out.

I’m not sure W would be any good at the jobs above. He can only sniff out treats, not clues; when we walk him, he likes to drag us all over the place. So, I don’t think he’d be a good seeing-eye dog. However, I can vouch that he’s a great therapy dog — nothing makes me feel better than cuddling up to W, when I’m having a sucky day.

So, I’m not sure how I’m going to get through two weeks of home quarantine without him. Unlike lockdown one, there’s online school this time and we can’t go down to play or meet our friends. My parents are super excited because they think we should use this time to complete all our pending assignments. That’s terrifying because, if I stacked up my backlog of homework one on top of the other, it would be as tall as the Kanchenjunga. And you know what’s even worse? I can’t even say ‘My dog ate my homework’. W, come home soon!

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