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A match with a difference: A chance for Anki

Sonal Goyal

Sonal Goyal

Story so far: Ankita has managed to behave for a week but gets into a fight with her classmate. But then Aniket brings exciting news.

“Hey Anki, I have got news for you,” Aniket said. Cricket is being introduced for girls and selection will be held when school reopens.”

“Yahoo!” Anki yelled, jumping up. I’ll participate in the trials.”

“Of course, you should. You have a great chance of making it to the team.”

Shared passion

Cricket was a passion the twins shared and one of Ankita’s pet peeves was that their school allowed only boys to play cricket. To make up for the lost opportunity, almost every evening Ankita played cricket along with a bunch of boys. She was a batsman who could bowl fairly decently and her team mates admired her all-round skills.

“I am not so sure, Ani. I shall be competing with girls from senior classes.”

“Anki, I think you should get some coaching during the holidays.”

“Where will I get a good coach?”

Aniket thought about that and then said, “Geetha will be the best person.” Sixteen-year-old Geetha was the daughter of Lakshmi, their neighbour’s cook. They lived in the basti behind the twins’ home.

“Pluto Sports has set up a cricket academy and Geetha has been selected for coaching. I heard that she attends every morning and evening before and after school.”

“Will she have the time for me?” Ankita said.

“Let us ask her.”


The next evening, the twins went to see Geetha, who was tall and had an oval face and thick curly hair. She reminded Ankita of their science teacher in a good mood. Aniket quickly explained to Geetha why they had come to meet her.

Immediately her face creased into a sparkling smile. “I would love to coach Ankita didi.”

“First, I am not didi, I am just Ankita.” Geetha nodded. “Now, tell me, when and where will you coach me?” Ankita asked.

An early start

“My school is not very far from your house. My friends and I have drawn stumps on the back wall of the school. We have also created a rough pitch. We can practice from 6.00 to 7.00 in the morning.”

“So early and that too on holidays!” Ankita groaned.

“We have no choice. By 7.30 a.m., I have to report to the Cricket Academy.”

That night, Ankita was too excited to sleep. Would Geetha’s mentoring help her achieve her dream of getting into the school team?

(To be continued)

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