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Bhuvan’s Secret: Kittens don’t eat kulfis

Bhuvan touched the coins in his shirt pocket, waiting for the signal to turn red. The buses on the road made him nervous. But the presence of his two best friends strengthened him.

“Go!” said Dhanush.

“No,” said Stella. “If your mother comes to know, you will be in trouble.”

“I won’t tell her. Will you?” asked Dhanush.

Stella frowned.

“We deserve a treat,” said Dhanush. “This is the first time Bhuvan is walking home without his mother.”

Feline love

The signal turned red and Bhuvan crossed the road to reach the long queue at a kulfi stall. When a grey kitten brushed against his leg, he followed it to the adjacent lace and button shop. Bhuvan often came here with Aai whenever she wanted to buy materials for her tailoring shop. The owner, Mrs. Miranda, was filling a bowl of water for four kittens at the entrance.

Bhuvan lifted the grey kitten and petted it. “Can I take him home?”

“Do you have any pets?” asked Mrs Mirinda.

“Two chickens…” said Bhuvan.

“The kitten needs his mother now. You can have him after a fortnight.”

Bhuvan heard Stella call him, so he hurried to the kulfi stall and bought three kulfis. Dhanush whistled when he crossed the road and shared the kulfis.

“Miranda Aunty has four new kittens in her shop. I am going to adopt one of them,” said Bhuvan, licking his kulfi.

“A kitten?” squealed Stella. “Have you gone mad? The kitten will grow into a cat someday and eat your chickens.”

“You can keep the kitten in Stella’s house since she lives opposite to you,” suggested Dhanush. “That way you can play with it whenever you want.”

“Why should I keep the kitten?” said Stella.

“You are good at singing lullabies’ to your baby sister. I am sure you will do a splendid job looking after the kitten.”

“Hey! I am good at other stuff too! If you think of it, I am good at everything I do!”

Dhanush laughed. Stella swung her water bottle at him. “Why don’t you keep the kitten? You stay just two houses away from Bhuvan!”

“I will only feed kulfis to the kitten,” said Dhanush.

“Kittens don’t eat kulfis!” chided Stella.

“Yes, they do! Kulfis are full of milk. All kittens drink milk!”

“We can take turns in looking after the kitten as we live on the same Sonar street,” said Bhuvan, before gobbling the last piece of his Kulfi and smiling at Aai who was walking towards him.

“Why are you late?” she asked, reaching for Bhuvan’s school bag.

Bhuvan and Stella looked at each other.

“The peon forgot to ring the bell on time,” lied Dhanush and saved the day.

To be continued

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