Not a quarter more

What seemed like just n-i-n-e-t-y days, now seems a lot better with some activities that are definite improvement to studies.

Only a few more months of school left! Woohoo! Usually, there’s nothing but studies from Jan to March because all the fun stuff like Sport’s Day, Annual Day and the camping trip are done. It’s one long snooze fest!

I think my school realised how boring this was for everyone so this year they decided to add a whole bunch of extra things to the calendar — they’re calling it School++. The name makes it sound like we’re all going to do more school. And nobody needs that.

School++ turned out to be a whole bunch of extra sessions on things like Empathy!!! Anger management !!! Growing up !!! I’m adding the exclamation marks because the posters around school use them and it makes me laugh. Like using exclamation marks is going to get us excited about a session on Organisation Skills!!!

Pick one

Then, last week, we were told to do something called Independent Community Service and spend our time helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Anyway, I had a week to figure out something. And even though the parents refused to help me — (“It’s called INDEPENDENT!”) they felt they could shoot down my ideas.

Dog walking

Me: I’ll walk our dog, and that helps you guys!

Parents: You’re meant to walk the dog anyway. Here. Take him now.

A books and bake sale

Me: I will sell brownies and text books and we can give the money to a charity.

Parents: You don’t know how to bake! And no, you can’t sell your text books even for a ‘good cause!’

A walkathon

Me: I’ll walk round and round the building and people can pay me money for every round I do! I’ll give the money to a charity!

Parents: First try walking to the main gate on your own! Hahahahahaha!

Anyway, they finally liked my idea for a tetra pack collection drive. I take used tetra packs and give it to a charity that upcycles them into bags! Not bad huh?

Of course my parents said I couldn’t just go and knock on 400 apartment doors, so they made me create a form, make posters and do a whole bunch of pointless things. I think they were just annoyed they couldn’t find a reason to shoot down this idea. Maybe my parents should do an empathy session.

It was actually fun going to everyone’s houses and asking them for the tetra packs! I got juice at one place, and cookies at another and got to play with a lot of puppies and cats. Of all the things I did in School++, this was my favourite.

Anyway, I now have an entire room filled with tetra packs which the PB keeps throwing at me and W the dog keeps chewing. It’s so annoying! Gaaaah! Maybe I should attend that anger management session.

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