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Meet the ghost

Illustration: Sonal Goyal   | Photo Credit: Illustration: Sonal Goyal

The story so far: Nana will meet the children in his own bedroom, which is the site of strange happenings. What will they find when they go inside?

“I see you’ve brought Fuzz a treat!” Maya giggled, as Rocky retrieved Mickey.

“Mean Maya,” said a cross Rocky.

“Then, why bring Mickey along?”

“Mummy’s going out too. Mickey can’t stay alone with hungry cats prowling around the neighbourhood!”

At six, the doorbell rang. “Maya,” whispered Rocky, his face stuck in a pillow. “Why would Nana ring the doorbell?”

“Why would he use a door?” hissed Konica.

Maya poked her head out of the door and saw her mother speaking to Rocky’s mother.

“She must have come to tell aunty something before leaving for the market,” sighed Rocky.

Then they heard the front door click. “She’s gone!” whispered Rocky.

Maya’s mother had disappeared too.

“Perfect!” Konica stood up. “Let’s get into Nana’s bedroom. You say ‘hi’ to him, I’ll get a selfie with him, and, Rocky, be quick with your alien questions.”

Maya tapped the door. “What do you expect, Maya?” Konica grunted. “Nana to say ‘come in’!”

Come inside, children.

Spooked out

They felt their innards twist. When they went in, Maya and Rocky stared in disbelief at their mothers seated on Nana’s bed.

“Didn’t I say, no Facebook?” Mrs. Sharma said. Since Maya had earlier operated Nana’s Facebook account from her mother’s device, the notifications showed up. All along it had been Maya’s mother responding in Nana’s name.

“See? Didn’t I tell you both that there was no ghost? But no! You all wouldn’t believe me,” grunted Konica. “But, aunty, I still don’t understand. Maya told us you brought a glass of milk for Nana.”

“Why do you keep this room always locked?” Maya spoke, finally.

Mrs. Sharma laughed. “All the answers are under Nana’s bed.” Hesitantly, the children bent down for a look.

“Kittens!” they squealed. Konica dragged the cardboard box out. Inside was Fuzz, curled with three white-and-black fuzz balls.

“Fuzz had kittens on Nana’s bed. I didn’t want you to disturb them until they were older, so I kept the door locked,” explained Mrs. Sharma.

“And you cuties have been drinking a lot of milk,” said Maya. Once everyone had left, Maya expected her mother to scold her, but she was surprised.

“No computer classes, Maya!”

“Really?!” Maya hugged her.

“And we’ll spend evenings together. Doing things you enjoy. Like you and Nana did together.”

“Nana and I did Facebook together!” she squealed.

The End.

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