Master cast

Marlin from Finding Nemo

Master cast

Marlin is Nemo’s father and his first teacher as well. He is a clownfish, who has lost his wife Carol and almost all their eggs (except Nemo) in a barracuda attack. Predictably, he is overprotective about Nemo. He is a constant teacher, telling Nemo the ways of the waters and the dangers that lurk in them. Of course, Nemo, being young and foolish, gets tired of all this and is waiting to escape. However, the twists and turns in his life make him realise that Marlin is the best teacher.

Chief from Isle of Dogs

Master cast

In the fictitious city of Megasaki, when there is an outbreak of canine influenza the mayor orders that all dogs be banished to Trash Island. Of course, the mayor has an ulterior motive. The first dog to be sent away is Spots Kobayashi, the bodyguard dog of the mayor’s nephew, a 12-year-old orphan Atari Kobayashi.

But, Atari hijacks a plane and flies to Trash Island, now renamed the Isle of Dogs, to find Spots. Instead, he finds Chief, a stray, and with his help, they begin their search for Spots. Along the way, Atari learns about democracy, people’s vote (or rather a canine vote) and leadership.

Fly from Babe

Master cast

Babe, an orphaned piglet, is won by a farmer named Arthur Hoggett, at a country fair. Hoggett brings him home and houses him with a Border Collie named Fly, her mate Rex and their puppies.

Fly takes Babe under her wing and teaches him all he needs to know to get on in the world. Thanks to Fly and her expertise Babe becomes the best “best sheepdog” and even wins a prize for his herding skills.

Thumper from Bambi

Master cast

Bambi is the son of the Great Prince of the Forest, and one day he will inherit the title. It is the role of the Great Prince to guard the woodland creatures against hunters.

Little Bambi is soon befriended by an eager, energetic rabbit named Thumper who takes on the mantle of Bambi’s teacher. Thumper teaches him to walk and talk and gives him sage advice.

Rocky Rhodes from Chicken Run

Master cast

When the Tweedys find their egg farm is doing badly they hit upon the idea of getting a pie machine to turn the chickens into meat pies. The chickens wonder how they can escape and that’s when a rooster named Rocky Rhodes crash lands into the coop. The chicken leader, Ginger, sees this as a miracle. They put a cast on Rocky’s damaged wing and hide him from the Tweedys. They get him to teach them how to fly.

Shifu from Kung Fu Panda

Master cast

Po, a clumsy panda, is a kung fu fanatic. He lives in the Valley of Peace and works in his goose father Mr Ping’s noodle shop. His dream is to learn the art of kung fu.

One day, a kung fu tournament is held for the elderly spiritual leader of the valley, Grand Master Oogway, to find the identity of the Dragon Warrior, the one kung fu master capable of understanding the secret of the Dragon Scroll, which is said to contain the key to limitless power. Much to everyone’s surprise, Oogway chooses Po. Under the guidance of Shifu, Po proves himself against the dreaded evil kung fu warrior Tai Lung.

Spirit from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Master cast

Spirit is a Kiger Mustang colt born to a herd of wild horses. As a stallion, he is the leader of his herd. He is captured by humans who

take him to the US cavalry fort. Thus begins Spirit’s travails. Refusing to be tamed by “The Colonel” he is punished. But finds a friend in a Lakota Native American, Little Creek, who is also held captive. Little Creek and Spirit fight for their freedom and finally, The Colonel has to concede defeat to Spirit, who he acknowledges as too superior and respected a being to be captured.

Bagheera from Jungle Book

Master cast

Mowgli is raised by Raksha and her pack, led by Akela ever since he was brought to them by a black panther named Bagheera. Mowgli is trained by Bagheera to behave like a wolf. Disrupting this perfect life Shere Khan appears and now Mowgli is threatened. It is his teacher Bagheera’s duty to take Mowgli to the safety of the “man-village”.

Bagheera is there to save him from the dangers of the jungle and take him out of danger.

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