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Is it really Nana?

Illustration: Sonal Goyal   | Photo Credit: Illustration: Sonal Goyal

The story so far:Maya’s Nana responds to her Facebook request, but Konica suspects it might be a fake person. So, they decide to investigate further.

“Not so fast, Maya,” Konica interrupted. “Let’s first confirm this. How do you find a ghost?”

“We can only connect with those people who had a Facebook account when they were alive,” explained Maya.

But just then, Maya’s mother called her home. So, they decided to chat with Nana the next day.

“Mummy,” said Maya, as she sat down for breakfast the next day. “Can I go play with Rocky?”

“Why do you suddenly want to chat with Nana?” asked the mother.

“I miss Nana. He was the only person who talked to me. You’re always busy, even when you’re home. Papa’s always on tour. Rocky is so silly,” rued Maya.

“Every child is doing something, so they don’t get bored,” her mother said. “How about joining a computer class? You like computers.”

“Yes, but I already know everything about computers.” If she could figure out how to connect with a ghost through Facebook, she was way ahead of the regular kids.

“There is always something new to discover.”

Maya shrugged. “I don’t mind sharing my knowledge with others. Now can I go play?”

He mother nodded and Maya ran off to Rocky’s house.

Testing the ghost

Konica handed Maya her mobile. “I tried to find some of our relatives, but it appears none of them had a Facebook account.”

“I’m sure Nana can see me,” said Maya.

“How?” asked Konica.

“He knows mummy wants to enrol me in computer classes,” Maya showed them his message: Computer classes are fun. “And, he typed it just now. Nana’s online.”

“Can he see us?” asked Rocky.

“Let’s find out.” Maya typed, ‘Nana, what colour dress am I wearing?’

‘Yellow. My sunshine.’Konica’s face glowed. “Please ask Nana if he can get me Ranbir Kapoor’s mobile number.”

“What?” Maya frowned. “A dodo feather would be more up Nana’s alley.”

“Ask!” screamed Konica, “Or, I’ll take my phone away.”

Maya typed. There was no reply.

“Nana is slow. I used to help Nana with typing,” said Maya.

‘We do not have a telephone directory here in heaven.’

“I think it’s all a hoax!” Konica muttered.

“My Nana’s not a hoax!” Maya’s eyes became slits. “He’s a real ghost!”

Konica snatched her mobile from Maya and typed, ‘If you really are Maya’s Nana, come and meet us.’

To be continued...

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