In School At Home: the daily '30 Minute Activity' for some fun family time

The Hindu In School is providing a 30-minute worksheet for children from Monday to Friday, beginning March 30, 2020. With fact capsules, crosswords, jumbles, quizzes and an exercise on journal writing, it is a fun way to learn and engage yourself while you stay safe at home.

We are also sending out the front page of The Hindu In School as a newsletter. You can get this page filled with interesting articles and facts, along with the 30-Minute Activity, in your inbox by subscribing to the newsletter here

You can also get these pages and more at

Here are the links from where you can download the daily 30-minute worksheets.

Day 1- A crossword for bookworms, space quiz, and more

Day 2 - an author trivia quiz, some sports knowledge, and more

Day 3 - Who was Vera Rubin, what is xenophobia, and more

Day 4 - Guess the name of the book, take a quiz on birds, and more

Day 5 - The backstory on Hans Christian Anderson, some homophone fun, and more

Day 6 - Test your GK quotient, go on a space odyssey, and more

Day 7 - Is it stationary or stationery?

Day 8 - Know your scientist, and artists

Day 9 - Guess the name of the book from the plot 

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