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If fishes were wishes…

One or many, how do you go about addressing it?

Fish can recognise human faces!” Shalini read out aloud.

“Hey! Fishes like their deep-sea hatchet and dragon fish use the light-producing organ called photophore on their bellies for camouflage; this makes them effectively invisible to predators that might be looking up,” shouted Abhinav, as he found another interesting fish fact.

Both are fascinating facts, indeed; but, what is the plural of fish? Fish or fishes?

Well, the most common plural of fish is fish and can refer to multiple fish, especially when they are all the same species of fish. However, under certain circumstances, you use fishes as the plural form of fish.

If, for example, you see two trout swimming together, you could say that you’re looking at fish. But, if the two trout are joined by a salmon, you could call them fishes. Fishes refer to multiple species of fish, especially in Biology.

The plural for fishes is also used in the following contexts:

Fishes, with an apostrophe, function as plural possessive of fish. For eg: the fishes’ scales were gleaming in the sunlight.

Shane fishes as a hobby. Here it’s a form of the verb to fish.

And then in the popular saying “if fishes were wishes, we’d all cast nets,” fishes is used to rhyme with wishes.

And how I really wish wishes were fishes!

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