How to have a happy LOCKDOWN birthday

Illustration: Sahil Upalekar

Illustration: Sahil Upalekar   | Photo Credit: Illustration: Sahil Upalekar

Have you or one of your friends had a lockdown birthday? In the past three months, all of my cousins, my best friend V, the PB and I have celebrated our birthdays. Well, not celebrated in the usual way with cake and presents and a party, but we managed to celebrate our birthdays in one way or another. Here are some ways to have a happy lockdown birthday.

    Meet your friends in the virtual world. So of course during the lockdown we couldn’t step out at all and even though the lockdown is easing up now, we all still have to practice social distancing. Plus, even though malls and restaurants will start opening up soon, it’s pretty unlikely you or your friends will be allowed near one any time soon. So, have a party online. My cousin S had a birthday party with her best friends over a Video Call. They all sang her happy birthday, had juice, biscuits and kind of just hung out. And if you ask me, that’s kind of the best thing about a birthday party - being with your friends. In the real world, or otherwise.

      Recycled gifts. For our birthdays, the PB and I each gave one another a toy that belonged to us and that the other one of had always wanted. We wrapped it up, made a card and handed it over. I have the PB my old waterboard. My dad gave me an ink pen of his which I’d been eyeing for a while, and my mom let me have her old headphones. I tried to hint to her that I would be open to receiving an old phone with it too, but she ignored my puppy dog eyes. I know that as shops open up you might be able to go out and pick a birthday gift or even order something online, but if you can’t, hand-me-down gifts are pretty awesome.

        Party food. So, here’s the thing, if your parents like to bake then maybe you’ll get a great cake or something. If they don’t, get creative! For the PBs birthday we ate cupcakes decorated with Nutella and gems. And for mine, there was no pizza but we did make break pizza sandwiches which were pretty bomb. It’s kind of cool how when you have less on hand you get more creative.

          Virtual gaming rules! So you might not be able to play laser tag or go watch a movie or go the arcade as a birthday party. So do it online! On my birthday me and my friends all played Minecraft together. The PB and all his friends watched one of the Star Wars movies together at the same time, except they were all in their own homes together.

          Return gifts. The PB and I made our friends thank you videos using Powtoons. We put silly pictures of us with our friends and added some music and e-mailed them out.

            In short, you can still have fun on your birthday, as long as you get a little creative!

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