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Eat humble pie

When you know you cannot live up to your bragging, then, it’s time to give up.

“You will have to eat humble pie if you don’t finish all the cookies like you boasted you could!”said Adil, as Amar tried to push the 12th cookie into his mouth.

“My stomach can’t hold another cookie and you are telling me to eat a pie? I give up on the challenge,” cried Amar.

“That’s exactly what I was trying to tell you. Eat humble pie! Admit defeat and give up.”

Eat humble pie means to admit you can’t do something you boasted about. It’s a bit humiliating, but you have no other go. The idiom, some people believe, originated from ‘umbles’ which is an old word for animal organs like kidneys, intestines and so on. In the past, rich people might have considered eating an umbles pie as a punishment.

Other examples:

Parameshwar was over confident and swore he would finish the work in an hour; but by evening he had to eat humble pie as he was nowhere near finishing it.

The politician was forced to eat humble pie and apologise in public.

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