COVID-19 poem: Will the door ever open?

The roads are empty, the crowds too small,

And no trace of life outside, none at all.

Every human is locked up in their house,

And the sunny play ground, now looks bleak.

Why does our wide world look so desolate now?

What a silly question, even a toddler would have the answer.

Cause, there’s a monster out there,

That can make even breathing like hell.

It is tinier than our cells, but it is causing a huge pandemic,

If it enters your body, it may wreak havoc.

Coughs or sneezes are like its private jet,

And to your lungs, it’s a threat.

We, who always chat and dine in groups,

Now prefer to stay away,

And with a mask on our mouths,

St at home straight away.

Nobody’s going to school anymore,

No child playing in the park,

Nobody’s even opening the door,

Except for grocery or stock.

We used to giggle and play

On our swings and slide,

Now, we’re caged in our homes,

As Corona gambols outside.

I used to pity my dolls, trapped on the shelves,

Now, I really don’t know why,

As to me, it’s a privilege

To even bask in sunlight these days.

We, who are social animals,

Now dread the door bell.

Sadly, we are told to see,

Every visitor as an unwelcome virus.

When can we really be free?

When can we stick our heads out?

When will the dawn arrive?

Come on, let us await that day.

Indulekha Agnihotram, VII, The Future Kids School, Hyderabad, Telangana

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