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The other day, I came across a new phrase: bucket list. It’s a list of things a person wants to do or experience before he/she reaches a certain age. It usually includes things like bungee jump off the side of the Grand Canyon (why would anyone want the first thing on their bucket list to be the last thing on it?), acting in a movie, writing and publishing a book, scaling a mountain…the things people want to add to their bucket are usually pretty far out and seem impossible. Which makes sense, I guess; it would be super sad if your bucket list had things like ‘eat more oats’ or ‘learn differential calculus’.

Well, that got me thinking about what my pandemic bucket list would look like. Since I’m only 12 and, ‘hello, COVID-19’, I didn’t add everything I want to do in life to the list — like being the opening bowler for India’s T20 side. So, remember that these are the things I’d like to do before the vaccine for COVID-19 is ready for all of us. If you think my list is basic, then make your own.

My list

Colour my hair. Before my hair turns white from the boredom of online school, I’d like to see how my hair would look pink. Or red. Or CSK yellow and blue. Or why not be 100% inclusive and do all the colours of the rainbow? Plus, I’ll be breaking school rules and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! I mean, they can’t suspend me because I’m already at home, right?

Wear a dress. Look, I don’t care what you want to call me for this one, but you have to admit that dresses and skirts look so much more comfortable than pants. And there’s so much more colour and prints. My wardrobe is a sea of brown, blue and black. BORING!

Tell middle-school bully S exactly what I think of him for picking on people, pantsing them, heckling bowlers and bodyshaming classmates. If you think about it, this is the perfect time. S is 6 ft tall and already shaving. It’s better to call him out online than in real life. I may not be around for the vaccine if I tell him to his face.

Get another pet. I think W is feeling pretty lonely these days, and is sick and tired of us hoomans who want to cuddle him all the time. I’m thinking of something better than a four-legged amigo… an eight-legged friend, maybe?

Get a tattoo. A giant MSD face on my back in full colour. What do you think?... They do what? Poke holes in your skin with a needle over and over again? And it takes how long?... Okay, I’ll settle for a poster on the wall of my bedroom.

So, now that I have my bucket list ready, which item should I start with? And what would you put on your pandemic bucket list?

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