Brace yourselves!

A global pandemic, online school, lockdowns with your pesky brother, fires in the Amazon, floods, and fights along our border… 2020 is on a roll, and the year isn’t even over yet.

I am all set to cast my vote in favour of 2020 being the suckiest year in the history of humankind. I mean, find me a year worse than 2020 and I’ll give you my pesky brother. Don’t want him, you say? Well, I thought it was worth a shot.

Well, apparently there have been worse years in the history of history. For example, if you had been alive during 536 CE, you would have been witness to two massive volcanic eruptions that covered the Earth in a super-dense fog that blocked out the sun. This led to an off-the-charts temperature drop, and it was so cold that it apparently snowed during the summer. Also, because the weather was so bad and so cold, the planet didn’t produce enough crops to feed everyone. Oh, and all this was the precursor to the Justinian plague that lasted for about 20 years.

(Universe, if you’re listening, PLEASE don’t let COVID-19 last that long. I beg you.)

More in store

It only makes me wonder: what does 2020 have in store for us over the next few months? Do you think things are going to worsen? What could possibly be worse than what we’ve been living through, for the last seven months? A giant, planet-eating asteroid hits the Earth? We are attacked by alien overlords who are way smarter than the aliens in Hollywood movies and we all end up becoming worker drones for them in their giant intergalactic hive? Or maybe, COVID-19’s big sister pays us all a visit? The possibilities are endless, and each is potentially worse than the other!

I was getting pretty worked up thinking of all the terrible things that could happen to us between now and January 2021. And it was not good for me. It was so bad that I actually did my Physics homework to distract myself. Yeah, it was that bad.

I wish I could say the distraction worked, but it only stressed me out about how little attention I’d been paying during Physics class. What’s worse? Failing your Physics midterm, or being swallowed by a giant, planet-eating asteroid?

Ooh! Maybe if a giant, planet-eating asteroid swallowed us before the Physics mid-term, I’d have a way out. Well, kind of!

Think happy thoughts, people. There’s really no point in thinking awful ones. Trust me.

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