Beat the boredom

Are you thinking about what to do for your winter vacations? I have some suggestions for you...

Ever been confined to your apartment during your vacation? Or, are you having some friends over for the holidays?

It is now time for a surprise. I am about to give you few ideas to have fun.

Beat the boredom

What is this? Hydroponics is a method where you grow plants without soil. Need an example? Money plant — if we add nutrients to it, we have a hydroponic.

Simply put, the art of growing plants without soil is actually trying to develop a hydroponic plant. Not only plants like money plant but you could also try tomato and other herbs to begin with. Plants get most of their nutrients from water. So why not add other nutrients to it? That is the advantage of hydroponics.

Beat the boredom

Who enjoys a good game? I am assuming, you are all football and cricket fans. Let me ask you a question: If you are given a piece of chalk or, some marbles, what would you do?

The answer to the first question is hopscotch. Let me tell you how to play it. Most of you may know this game, but for those who didn’t listen to their grandparents, here’s your guide.

Start by drawing 10 boxes on the ground and number them. Then, the first player throws a stone. If it lands out of the boundary, then the player loses his chance and the second player gets his chance. If not, the player hops till the last square, then turns around and hops back to the square where the stone has landed. He then picks up the stone and throws it into the next box and continues as before. If the player steps on a line, he will be out of the game and its the turn of the next player.

The second is an easy game. Each player has a marble and tries to strike the target. The player who gets the closest to the target is the winner. In north India, it is called goli.

Beat the boredom
App recommendation

Do you enjoy watching the night sky? It is such a beautiful experience and it relaxes the mind. But some nights are cloudy and you are unable to observe the sky. But don’t let that upset you, I have a solution.

You can use an application called Stellarium. This app gives you a peek at the skies. On a clear night, if you type your location and time, it can show you how the night sky appears at your place at that time. It is also a guide for amateur sky gazers. It also has various modes, tools and a search box to help you. Now, enjoy the planetarium view from the comfort of your home.

Beat the boredom
Mini ice cream maker

I have never tried to make it but I heard that ice cream can be made in 25 minutes; I checked it out. It was actually simple. First you take a sealable plastic bag. Then, pour one cup of milk, two tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence into it and mix it well (take care it does not spill it), and then seal it. Put it in another sealable bag and seal it (just in case the first one breaks). In a jar, two times the size of the packet, pink rock salt and ice cubes. Put the packet over it, and close the lid. Shake and twirl it for 25 minutes and your ice cream is done.

Try this out:

Remember the simple ice cream maker? Try building that. Now, can you motorise it and make it electric?

Another activity would be to try and build a device which is magnetic and electric as well.


I have a few tips and tricks for you that can help you with the above-mentioned two projects:

1. Try a motorised tuner and gear for ice-cream maker.

2. Why not use a hovering magnetic hyper loop for the machine?

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