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The story so far: Vineet is surprised at how his luck changes with the magic mantra.

When Vineet conveyed the good news to his parents, they showered him with praise.

“Please make mom and dad give me some presents,” Vineet said to himself. Then, staring at his parents, he chanted the magic mantra four times.

“You are working so hard. I’m happy that you are taking your academics so seriously. Take these gift vouchers that my brother gifted me,” said his mother, giving him an envelope.

“Buy whatever you want. You have made us so proud,” his father smiled. “You can take the car tomorrow to the mall.”

“Thank you dad and mom,” Vineet hugged his parents. “You are the best.”

Shopping or homework?

The next morning, after Vineet finished his breakfast, he rushed into his room to change for his shopping trip. Seeing the books piled haphazardly on his desk, he groaned.

The teachers had given his class a lot of weekend homework. If he completed it, he would have no time to visit the mall.

“Now what do I do?” he thought.

Hearing the sound of laughter from his sister Richa’s room, he peeped in. She was laughing at something along with her friends. Vineet had an idea. He walked into the room, with all his books in his arms, chanting the magic mantra under his breath.

“You are wasting time watching a movie, why don’t you do something useful,” Vineet told them.

“What do you want us to do?” one girl asked.

“Help me with my assignment,” Vineet said, dropping his Biology, Geography and English assignments before the girls. Richa and her friends stared at him. Vineet chanted the mantra again. The expression on their faces changed. Slowly, Richa extended her hand and pulled the Biology assignment towards her. The other two girls completed his Geography and English assignments.

A good time

Vineet sat in his father’s car, humming a tune, as it sped over the smooth roads. “Now, while I shop, Richa didi and her friends will complete my assignments.”

After eating two ice-creams in the mall, Vineet went to the gaming centre and spent two hours. After shopping for an hour, he returned home.

The girls had completed all his assignments. And that too neater than him. They had even made notes for the book he was supposed to read in the weekend.

To be continued

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