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A strange feeling

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The story so far:When Nana can’t fulfil Konica’s request of getting Ranbir Kapoor’s number, she invites him for a meeting to prove that he’s really a ghost.

They hadn’t bargained for this. The colour faded from their faces.

“You little creeps! This was your stupid idea!” exploded Konica. “I’m out of this.”

“You can’t go!” shouted Maya angrily. “Why blame us? It was you, Konica Di! You invited him here. Now, even if you go away, he’s going to find you.”

So the meeting was fixed for Sunday evening, but the place Nana suggested made even Maya’s stomach flip.

“Your Nana’s bedroom?!” said Konica. “Couldn’t we meet him anywhere else?”

“Like?” Rocky shrugged.

“The children’s park.”

“But everyone would come to know. And they might just frighten Nana away,” said Maya worriedly and continued, “I haven’t been into that room ever since Nana went away. It feels strange.”

Suspicious activity

“What sort of strange, Maya?” asked Konica.

“But why would a room feel different?” asked Rocky.

Maya’s response made both Konica and Rocky’s hair stand on end.

“Nana’s bedsheet. Mummy complains it always gets dirty.”

“Like someone might have slept on it?” asked Konica. “Did you notice anything suspicious?”

“How, Konica Di? Mummy keeps the room locked.”

“Nobody puts a lock on a door inside a house unless they don’t want anyone to enter,” said Konica.

“Mummy sometimes puts flowers on Nana’s picture. Now that you mention it,” Maya’s eyes became round. “Yesterday, I saw her go into the room with a big glass of milk and close the door behind her.”

“Aunty takes milk for Nana’s ghost,” frowned Konica.

By then, Maya had begun to feel squeamish. No doubt Nana was a ghost but the prospect of him living in his own bedroom, right next to hers, made her very uncomfortable.

The next day, the children decided to meet at Maya’s house. It was decided that Maya would get the key and unlock the door to Nana’s bedroom while her mother was having her afternoon siesta so they could enter the room.

“So what’s this new game all about?” Maya’s mother asked Rocky, as he stepped inside on Sunday evening.

Maya sprang from behind the door and booed. Rocky dropped the shoebox. “You’re nasty, Maya!” he squawked, as Mickey crawled under the sofa.

“Ghost bumps!” grinned Maya and nudged Konica, who stepped in behind Rocky.

To be continued.

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