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A strange discovery

The story so far: Aniket finds a bottle on the beach. He opens it and releases an imp named Fortune, who takes him to meet Lady Laura Lucklina, the queen of Luck.

Fortune had a wide and mischievous grin. He knew Aniket hated walking, however short the distance. He even cycled to his best friend’s house, which was just nine buildings away.

Grumpily, Aniket started walking. The thick and gnarled trees along the roadside were in full bloom, laying out a colourful carpet of flowers. Guided by moonbeams, fanned by a gentle breeze, with the twinkling stars encouraging them, Aniket and Fortune walked towards Laura Lucklina’s castle.

Soon, they reached the seashore. In the middle of the sea, on a large island, stood a tall and regal golden castle, surrounded by a high wall. Aniket frowned; he didn’t know swimming. He was sure Laura Lucklina wanted her visitors to swim across to her castle.

As he stood staring in dismay, he heard Fortune murmur, “Laura Lucklina isn’t all that bad. There is a boat to take you across. The reason she likes people to walk the first half of the journey is to test their endurance, patience, and perseverance before she meets them.”

“I thought as much,” Aniket nodded.

Sounds of Nature

“Do you know what these waves are?” Fortune asked.

“Yes. A wave is a disturbance, a change from the equilibrium of one or more fields...” But Fortune interrupted him. “That’s the scientific explanation. Waves actually are conversations between water and land. Water comes towards the shore to speak to it. Once their conversation is over, the waves retreat. Listen quietly and you can hear them.”

All of a sudden, a gentle voice whispered, “Don’t you think the moon and the stars look lovely today?”

“You are right. The stars are brighter than usual. Even the crescent moon has more glow than ever before,” the shore replied in a thick, heavy voice. “Today, I’ve brought you two visitors who will sail over your surface to go to Laura Lucklina’s castle.”

“Thank you. We will be happy to take them across,” the waves replied, before they started retreating.

Aniket was flabbergasted. Even in his wildest dreams, he had never imagined land and water talking. He had no idea that all elements of Nature communicated with one another.

To be continued...

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