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In the garden

Every weekend, Amar and his parents went house hunting. They were looking to buy a bungalow type house with a large garden. This Saturday was no exception. The estate agent had given them the directions and warned them that it was out of the way.

Soon out of the town and winding their way through narrow mountain trails. “This place seems very remote,” said Amar’s mother.

“The price is good, let’s see if it fits the bill,” replied his father. Finally, they came to a wooden gate.

“Looks like we’ve arrived,” said Amar’s father. His mother was quiet. Amar felt a sense of excitement build up within him as they drove up the roughly hewn mud road between old, gnarled conifers that cut off the sunlight. As they took the last bend they got a glimpse of two chimneys between the trees. They drove into the porch and saw a large lawn with a few fruit trees at the edge. The estate agent was waiting for them.

He wished them and took them for a tour of the house. The rooms were large and spacious and the roof high. Large windows (when cleaned) would afford them a good view of the valley and the mountains beyond. Amar was soon bored by all this adult talk. He wandered off and found a small door. When he tried it, surprisingly, it opened.

Amar stepped through the door and found himself in a little garden. In a corner was tall tree that cast its shadow over most the green patch. Lovely flowering plants grew along the perimeter. He heard the sound of running water and when he turned around he saw a miniature waterfall and a pond. The water lilies danced gracefully in the ripples created by the falls.

A strange meeting

The scene was so serene and beautiful that Amar couldn’t help but smile. And then, the smile froze on his face for there on the garden bench beside the little pool sat a girl. She was about Amar’s age but she had none of the joys of childhood. Her face had about it an alabaster-like whiteness and her eyes blazed with anger. She fixed him with a cold, stony glare. A chill ran through his body and he found himself rooted to the spot.

The girl got off the seat and glided towards him. Amar was scared but he was mesmerised. He could not move. As the girl drew closer he noticed her straw-coloured hair caught up in a blue ribbon. Her dress too was blue. She bared her teeth in a smile and he felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck. Then she stretched out her hand to touch him…

“Ah! there you are Amar,” he heard his mother’s voice, as he snapped out of his reverie. “We were wondering where you had got to.”

“Worried too…” said his father.

Amar was silent.

“What’s the matter?” asked his mother. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

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