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A plan is made

Story so far: Lockdown is introduced and Bhuvan is expected to stay at home.

Thinking of Mrs. Miranda’s hungry kittens upset Bhuvan. “I am not sick. Why can’t I go out?” he pestered Baba.

“There may be people who are ill on the road. You may fall sick if they touch you or sneeze on you,” replied Baba.

“I won’t touch anyone. Promise!”

Baba raised his voice. “Bhuvi!” Bhuvan ran to Aai, the only one who could save him from Baba’s wrath.

“Stay home for now. I will take you to the beach when the lockdown ends,” said Aai. “We will have pani-puri and chaat.”

Bhuvan cried until a loud altercation from the street diverted him.

Ray of hope

Dressed in a crisp white kurta and dhoti and seated on a bike was Dhanush’s uncle, Hasmukh. Six feet away was Popo Singh, who whacked his lathi on Hasmukh’s seat and asked, “Where is your mask?”

Hasmukh rolled up his sleeves to show his bulging biceps. “Have you seen my muscles? Wrestlers like me don’t need one!”

“Go back to your house!” thundered Popo Singh.

“I have to go to the wrestling club and meet my fans.”

“Nobody is waiting for you. The entire city has come to a standstill due to the dangerous virus.”

“I am dangerous too,” said Hasmukh, flexing his arms.

“Go back to your house!”

“I will return home quickly.” Hasmukh revved his bike and zoomed right past Bhuvan’s house. Popo Singh followed him, waving his lathi.

Bhuvan was laughing when a tiny figure with a towel cape jumped outside his window. “Dhanush!” he screamed. “What are you doing here?”

“I was missing my friends.”

Bhuvan lowered his voice. “Did you hear about Mrs. Miranda? She is in the hospital and there is nobody to feed the kittens in her shop.”

“Let’s go now!” said Dhanush.

Bhuvan looked inside the house. Baba was washing vessels, and Aai drying clothes. “I can’t come now,” he whispered.

“We will go when your parents take their afternoon nap!” said Dhanush.

“What are you doing here?” asked Stella, appearing at the window of her house.

“I am superhero Dash Man, and can go wherever I want!” said Dhanush, striking a pose with the towel.

“Where is your mask? Aren’t you scared of the coronavirus?” asked Stella.

“Dash Man is brave. Nothing frightens him.”

Stella pointed a finger towards the street. “Popo Singh!”

“Hasmukh Maama!” screamed Dhanush, and scooted as quickly as he had come.

Bhuvan glowered at Stella after finding the street empty. But she just laughed.

To be continued...

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