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A bitter pill

When something unpleasant happens, it is better to accept than counter it.

Most pills taste bitter, yet when we are sick, we just have to swallow them to feel better.

Sometimes something unpleasant happens, that you have to accept in life.

It could be something disappointing or humiliating, but then you have to endure it. It is like swallowing a bitter pill.

The idiom, a bitter pill, is used to describe a difficult situation that someone is forced to accept.

When Bal’s parents stopped giving him money to meet his expenses and told him to find a job and support himself, it was a bitter pill for him to swallow.

Getting a poor performance review is a bitter pill, but it might be the turning point in your life as it might help you to open your eyes and work better.

Losing to your younger sibling in a game is a bitter pill to swallow too.

But then we have to accept it and live on.

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