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IN the doll house

Dolls have a great life when no one is watching. Here are some stories about them.

Sometimes, dolls don the role of the hero and take us through their journeys. Sometimes, they are the cause of the adventure. Let’s take a peek into the world of dolls.

Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin wrote The Doll People. Two dolls, Annabelle and her friend Tiffany, form a group called Society for Exploration and Location of Missing People (SELMP). Annabelle finds her aunt Sarah’s journal. Aunt Sarah has been missing for 45 years and with clues from the journal, they try to find her

Talk about dolls and The Velveteen Rabbit cannot be left behind. Written by Margery Williams, it tells the story of a stuffed velveteen rabbit that wants to become real, which he can with the love of his owner. The velveteen rabbit is a Christmas gift to a small boy. His other gifts are modern and mechanical and he forgets about the velveteen rabbit. In the nursery, the Skin Horse, once owned by the boy’s uncle, is the oldest and the wisest. He tells the rabbit that toys can magically become real when the children love them. The rabbit is awed by this, but with the boy ignoring him he knows he does not stand much of a chance.

But things change one night, the boy’s nana, gives him the velveteen rabbit, who then goes on to becoming the boy’s favourite toy. The rabbit is close to realising his dream when the boy falls ill with scarlet fever. The doctor orders the boy to be taken to the seaside to recover and his room and all his toys disinfected. The story continues and the rabbit has many more adventures. Read the book to find out what happens to the velveteen rabbit.

Bear and mice

Jerry Pinto’s A Bear for Felicia is about a bear named Thurston Gustavus Buckridge III. Felicia has inherited this bear, who now shares space with other quirky-named toys, including a mouse named Thunderbox Permusin Peterkar. And then one fine day, Felicia discovers that this bear is an antique and worth a lot of money. A lot of people want this bear, and it is up to Felicia to make sure he is safe.

Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter, is well...about two bad mice! The story begins with the description of a beautiful dolls house, that belongs to a doll named Lucinda and her cook Jane, though she never really cooks. All the food in the doll’s house is plaster “bought ready-made, in a box full of shavings”. But the food that is displayed looks extremely tempting. And that is what lures Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca, two mice living under the skirting board to get into the dolls house and taste the food. But when they discover that the food is all plaster, they get angry and wreak the house. Lucinda and Jane who had stepped out, return to find their house vandalised. Will they be able to find the culprits? Will they be punished? What will Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca do to atone for their crime?

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