21 for 2021

The past year was very different from what we expected, and no one can predict how 2021 will be either. However, here are things you can do, no matter how the new year turns out.

1. Read at least one book a month; by the end of 2021, you will have finished 12 books.

2. Have a ‘World on a Plate’ night every month. Pick a country and make some popular dishes from its cuisine for the family.

3. Learning a new language is fun. How about learning sign language, instead? Start with some important sentences.

4. Your health is crucial, so drink at least six glasses of water every day.

5. Have a movie night once a month with each family member taking turns to pick either a classic watch or a new film.

6. Go through old toys, books or clothes that are still in good condition and donate them.

21 for 2021

7. Develop a green thumb. Start growing plants, flowers or vegetables. You get extra points if it survives till the end of the year.

8. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Send at least one hand-written letter to people you appreciate the most — your parents, grandparents, teachers, best friends, cousins...

9. Stay in touch with people by hosting a virtual game night with your friends or family who aren’t near, once every three months or so.

10. Try your hand at journaling. Write about your day or maintain a gratitude journal, where you list things you are thankful for.

11. Watch a sunrise or a sunset depending on where you live.

12. Fitness can be made interesting. Learn at least one or two fun choreographed dance routines.

21 for 2021

13. Gift a treat! Bake a special and yummy cake or cookies for someone’s birthday.

14. Learn a new skill, sport or a game like chess. Or keep it interesting and learn how to juggle.

15. Do at least one random act of kindess. It could be helping your parents, sibling, grandparents, neighbours... It’s nice to be thoughtful.

16. Remember your vitamins and minerals are important too! Have at least two fruits or vegetables a day.

17. Build your vocabulary. Try to learn a new word daily and use it in a sentence at least once during the day.

18. Take the path less travelled; in this case, the stairs instead of the elevator whenever you have the chance.

19. Get crafty. Work on an arts and crafts project; paint, crochet, or build something with recycled materials. How about bird feeders for summer?

20. If you get pocket money or some change for helping around the house or a gift from your grandparents, try to put some, if not all, into a piggy bank that you will open only at the end of the year.

21. This might be a tough one. Try to keep your room clean and things organised for most of the year.

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