‘Ads misleading children prevalent’

Special Correspondent NEW DELHI 02 October 2020 00:00 IST
Updated: 01 October 2020 23:29 IST

Almost 75% of respondents in a survey have said that in the past one year, they had come across advertisements for various applications and games that were designed to mislead children into spending money, according to online community social network Local Circles.

The firm said that while 51% respondents ‘yes, came across many such ads’, 24% said ‘yes, came across a few such ads’. Only 2% said they did not come across any such ads that they felt were designed to mislead children into spending, while 23% were unsure about it.

A recent draft policy on misleading advertisements ‘Central Consumer Protection Authority (prevention of misleading advertisements and necessary due diligence for endorsement of advertisements) Guideline, 2020’ has said an advertisement should not take advantage of children’s inexperience, credulity or sense of loyalty, or exaggerate the features of goods or service in a way that could lead to children having unrealistic expectations of the goods or service, and include a direct promotion to children to purchase the a goods or service or to persuade their parents to purchase the same for them.


“Consumers were also asked if, in the last one year, they had come across ads for free products where they have to pay for packaging, handling or administration of the free product. 20% said they had come across many such ads while 29% said they had come across a few such ads. 46% said they had not come across any such ads,” the company said.