Kiran Global launches green cement made out of industrial wastes

Kiran Global Chems Ltd, a leading manufacturer of a key ingredient for a number of industries, has introduced its indigenously-developed Geocement, which, the company claims, will be stronger than normal Portland cement and not require water for mixing or curing.

Geocement, which is made out of industrial wastes, comes in two-part packing - 35 kg Geocement powder and 15 kg Geobinder liquid. Both can be mixed at construction sites like normal cement with aggregates like sand. It doesn't require water. Geocement will be available in many variants depending on application needs.

It has also introduced Geocrete, a Geocement concrete made with its powder and binder for various industrial applications.

Geopowder is a mineral compound – blended with bye-product materials like fly ash, rice husk ash, slag, activated clay, alumina in the geopolymer formation. Geobinder is a specially formulated alkaline activator that acts as binder to the powder.

Price of Geocement will be slightly higher than normal cement, but it promises lower finished building cost and less construction time and labour.

“Geocement will have a direct impact on brining down the emissions levels significantly given the fact that cement contributes about 65 per cent of global warming. For every tonne of cement production, there will be about 800 kgs of CO2 emission. Though some countries have been engaged in development and piloting of green cement, we are the first one to come out with green cement for commercial use. This is a result of over three years of in-house R & D and we have patented our technology,” said M S Jain, Founder of Kiran Global Chems Ltd.

N.C.Rufus, Chief Executive Officer of Kiran Global said that Geocrete would be suitable for high temperature applications and would be fire resistant upto 700oC.

The Chennai-headquartered company will initially be taking the e-commerce route to sell its products and will target south Indian states in this calendar year.

Also, Kiran Global is drawing up Rs.200 crore manufacturing expansion programme, under which it plans to set up 12 geobinder units, 12 geopowder plants, 2 precast concrete units and 4 big grinding units across the country. The expansion, which will help cut logistics cost, will result in four million tonnes of capacity with a potential to fetch a turnover of Rs.2,000 crore by 2018-19.

The company has an in-house R & D centre, accredited by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology, and has been conducting geopolymer research in collaboration with leading research institutes.

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