Psychic Reading Online — Best Psychics Online To Get Your Readings From In 2022

Many people are skeptical of the divine powers of people who claim they can see what lies ahead for them and what they can do to get the life they are looking for via psychic readings. However, when tragedies and their consequences catch up to them, these same individuals turn to professional diviners especially when nothing seems to work to get them out of their funk.

There are several professionals that they can find online and maybe even in their neighborhood. But there is a problem with that setup. For example, the diviner that gives past life readings may have so many clients that they are unable to book a time for them when they need to unburden themselves.

In our review, we have gone in-depth into the best four websites or portals where one can find divining professionals who can take them when they need a reading. Better yet, the popular ones also allow people to schedule a time and a date for one so they can accommodate all of their clients as per their schedule.

This is important for people who cannot pay for a therapist or those who have no one in their lives that they can turn to and unburden themselves. A psychic cannot only share what their crystal ball, oracle card readings, the stars and the spirits say about them, but they can also provide a shoulder as support for clients who want to take some pressure off their mind.

They offer these services for a fee which can differ across diviners and as per their popularity with their clients. But, depending on the professional they pick, people can get some clear answers to questions they have been afraid to articulate. All of the professionals that are mentioned in the portals we will discuss protect their clients’ privacy. No one will know that their clients visit them for say numerology readings unless they divulge that information themselves to others.

In this review, we will break down the top three portals where people can get this service and what they can expect from their experience with each.

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites With Free Minutes:

1Kasamba – voted most accurate for psychic readings (3 Free Minutes + 75% Off)

2Psychic Source – best for love readings (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off)

3California Psychics – best for guidance on career and other life decisions.

People who are unsure which online portal they should look into for their readings do not have to look any further now that they are here. We have broken down the top three where they can find skilled professionals for answers they have questions for via dream analysis and more:

#1.Kasamba: Top Accurate Psychic Readers Who Offer A Range Of Services

Kasamba has been around for decades giving psychic predictions. In fact, it was first launched in the latter part of the ‘90s and today, it is known for being user friendly and legit in its offerings. It was the first portal to introduce online diviners so people didn’t have to visit one and waste money. The site modernized the practice and made it approachable even by skeptics. Users only need a smart device and a working internet connection to get readings when they want them from the best psychic readings online from cheap psychics.

What We Liked About Kasamba

Here are some of the things that we liked about the portal during our review of its features:

Wide range of online psychic readings from screened psychic reader

Like other portals that offer divining professionals, this one also has experts who offer a wide range of readings for members and new users. In fact, it is possible users may not be able to find a category that isn’t listed on there. Some of them include:

  • Psychic predictions.
  • Fortune telling
  • Tarot card readings.
  • Career forecasts.
  • Love readings
  • Astrology readings.
  • Chat psychic readings
  • Kabbalah.
  • Occult.
  • Graphology.
  • Palm readings.
  • The paranormal.
  • Past life readings.
  • Financial outlook.

And more! Users can sign up to professional diviners or live psychics who can make predictions using several tools or they can choose what type of reading they want to get.

Strict selection process for a psychic reader

Kasamba does not allow anyone who claims they are diviners on the site. Applicants go through a strict screening process in which they have to give a reading to a panel of expert judges. Only those who clear this step can make a profile on the site and give cheap psychic readings for money. If they are unable to satisfy their clients, they may be kicked out to make room for experts.

Streamlined matching process

The portal promises the ideal matches for its members. That means users who are looking for a specific type of diviner can find exactly what they are looking for. For instance, if they need a love specialist who can divine their future partner for them via tarot cards, they can find one who meets those requirements from a free psychic reading online. The free three minutes the site offers is not enough to find one.

Easy to use

The layout of the site is designed to be member and user friendly so the site is quite easy to go through. Members will find all they need right on the first page. The profiles of the professional free psychics are mentioned clearly. Users can see how many reviews they have given, expertise, and the status at a glance so they can save time. A list of all of the available psychic readings can be found on the subcategories and users can also find a list of the top divining professionals.

What We Didn’t Like

These are some of the things that put us off a bit about this divining portal:

Prices vary a lot for a psychic reader

There are no set prices on the site not even for chat psychic readings. This means that all of the divining professionals set their own rates and there is nothing users can do about that but pay if they want good readings. The readings start from less than $2 a minute, but depending on the expert they pick, the price can go right up to $30. However, currently the site is offering the first three minutes of a reading for new members absolutely free from free psychics. This also includes 70% off so new users can get a feel of the service and see if it is for them or not.

No video reading option for online psychic readings

Users who are looking forward to speak with a divining professional live will be disappointed in Kasamba. This can be frustrating especially for skeptics who want to know if the divining professional they chose is the real deal or not for their psychic reading. Live free psychic readings make an instant connection possible after all. A lack of video options is a problem that the site hasn’t solved yet.

That being said, the portal has an impressive number of members so it is doing some things right and has been doing so for years too for psychic reading.

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#2.Psychic Source: Get Free Minutes on Signup and Readings on A Range of Topics

Psychic Source is like the aforementioned portal. It has been live for decades for members who want readings from true and trusted diviners. Three decades in fact. During that time, it has made a reputation that has attracted new members for months. That is why the site has millions of them so users can find a psychic near me. Some prefer its horoscope readings only while others get readings every day from mediums and diviners.

The number of readers on the site is quite significant so members can always find what they need for a psychic reading and without hassle either.

What We Liked About Psychic Source

Here are some of the features that stood out to us that make this portal genuine in our eyes:

Range of best psychics readings

The diviners on the portal offer readings and chat psychics using several tools and styles. So a member can get different readings for different queries. Here are some of them that these professionals use:

  • Love readings.
  • Tarot card readings.
  • Career readings.
  • Cartomancy.
  • Numerology
  • Spiritual readings.
  • Dream interpretation.
  • Lost object readings.
  • Energy work.

Among others. New users have to make an account on the portal first before they can use the service or add money for a psychic reading near me. They can choose to make one online or via a live customer representative. After that, they can load money for readings into their account using the same rep or online. Then they are free to pick the divining professionals or phone psychics they would like to try out.

Get a new reading if you are unsatisfied from a psychic reader

The portal has thousands of diviners so naturally, not all of them will give members what they need in terms of psychic reading. What is really great about this site is that unsatisfied users can get their money back. All of it. The portal reimburses members 20 minutes tops even for psychic phone readings. They just need to contact customer care and they will make sure they get this benefit.

Regular discounts for best psychics and psychic reader

The divining portal also offers regular discounts for new users and existing members so they can save money. For instance, currently they are offering the first three minutes of a reading free of cost to new users and also 75% off for them as well for a psychic near me. Users can also benefit by joining the monthly program for rewards which is free as well. It offers benefits few can find in other places.

Expert psychic advisors

The portal has a lengthy list of divining professionals and best psychics online and all of them have specific skills that they are known for. Members can look them up on their profile which also mentions their experience with a psychic reading. Some offer readings via fortune telling while others offer an eclectic mix of psychic services. They can analyze a range of emotional and personal needs and give readings that can leave their clients satisfied even after they end a session.

What We Didn’t Like

Of course, no portal is perfect. Here are some of the things we didn’t like about the divining site:

Different price ranges for different best psychics

There are no fixed charges for the divining professionals you can find on the portal. The portal has a lot of categories that members can look into and each one has its own price ranges. So some diviners can give a reading at reasonable charges, but there are others who ask for a lot for a psychic reading depending on their popularity level. Affording the latter can be difficult for members who have families that depend on them and need a psychic near me.

Video call mode may be unavailable for online psychic readings

Psychic Source offers three modes of communication for members who want to communicate with their chosen psychic reader via a psychic reading online – chat, live phone call and video. Most people like to face their psychic for a personalized reading, but the option is not offered by all of them. This can be frustrating especially for users who are paying a lot each day for the service such as a spiritual reading.

Psychic Source is one of the best sources of online readings for anyone who wants to know about their future or what choices they should make. The portal protects all of the information their clients provide. This includes their names, credit card details and other data required for signup to best online psychics.

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#3.California Psychics: Get The First 5 Minutes Free of a Reading, Any Reading!

This portal is one of the most far reaching and oldest portals you can find online for a psychic online. The site is known for offering several hundred professionals to their members who want a reading from trained and experienced readers at affordable price ranges. They diviners on the site can help members make important decisions about their lives with in-depth astrological readings and also give them an understanding of their real motives.

The diviners or best psychics online on the website offer different reading methods depending on what their clients are looking for. These include cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, runes and even stars.

What We Liked About California Psychics

Some of the plus points that stood out to us while we were reviewing the portal include the following:

Access to 1000s of psychics

California Psychics has been around for decades so it has naturally accumulated thousands of divining professionals and psychic medium who give readings on the daily. The portal has earned the trust of its members ever since it was first introduced because it offers several diviners that they can choose from. So if one diviner does not satisfy them, they can move onto the next without hassle for spiritual readings. Some of the types of psychics they can get include the following:

  • Empaths.
  • Mediums.
  • Clairvoyants.
  • Dream analysts.
  • Remote viewing psychics.
  • Channeling.
  • Tarot readings

Among others.

Affordable Psychic Reading

The people who manage the portal for best online psychics work hard to make sure that the members can return to their favorite diviners without thinking about payments much. The site offers competitive pricing structures that ensure this. This includes an intro offer that allows new users to save money on their first reading. All they need to do is use the code ‘Add5’ and their first five minutes of tarot readings will be completely free. After they use up the whole offer, the next minutes will be a $1 each.

Honest Testimonials

The reviews that members have given on the website regarding the psychics are honest so new members know that they are not being duped by paid ones for a psychic reading. Some users leave detailed reviews about their sessions while others offer only a few lines on their experience. Both share positive as well as not so positive reviews so other members can make a decision about the mediums and other diviners they have their eye on. The brand is authentic in this regard one can say for best online psychics.

What We Didn’t Like

Inconsistent content

Most websites that offer information in the form of blogs and other content base it on a set plan or content calendar. That way, their readers know what they can look forward to which increases readership. California Psychics falls short in this. The content the portal releases regularly is not consistent at all for spiritual readings, psychic reading and other topics. It is usually a mix of mismatched information that can confuse anyone. However, their stylesheets are favorites with members who get readings on the daily and know how to read them,

Popular readers are bit expensive

You literally get what you pay for at the portal. So if a psychic medium is quite popular with members and handles several of them, they ask for premium charges. An inexperienced one will be cheaper compared to them. However, since the portal has thousands of diviners that members can pick from, users can find a reasonably priced diviner for psychic readings.

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Psychics vs. Mediums

Many people are unsure what the difference is between clairvoyants, professional diviners or psychics and clairvoyants that give career forecasts. They are not the same thing that’s for sure so they cannot be used interchangeably.

Take mediums for example. They are capable of increasing their internal energy or vibrations high enough that it acts as a line to the spiritual realm. That is how they connect with the spirits of their clients’ loved ones and convey messages to them. Psychics in comparison, can give information about their client’s past, present as well as what they can expect in their future and astrology readings. They cannot connect with spirits like mediums can though. Clairvoyants can get strong messages from beyond the veil.

To understand what a divining professional such as a psychic does, we need to understand what they are not, i.e. mediums.

No, they don’t just rely on shiny balls, cards and Ouija boards to channel the spirits of the dead around them or just give spiritual readings. Hollywood does not portray them accurately. You may pass a medium in the street and not even know they have powers to see beyond.

This is what happens during a reading that a medium give. They first associate with the soul group of their clients. This can include their loved ones such as friends and the family members they are close to. The spirit they are trying to connect with will connect with them if the medium’s vibrations are strong enough to act as a conduit. If that is the case, the medium will become a vessel for the spirit or a mouthpiece depending on their skills. This is what makes these professional diviners unbiased. Some are also skilled in fortune telling.

During the medium reading, the client can ask several questions that they want to ask departed souls. This can be anything from the location of a safe key that their dead grandmother may know to if their deceased parents are proud of them and happy where they are. In these cases, the medium acts as a holy messenger of sorts. A strong one can be possessed with the spirit they connect with and without letting it take control of their psyche completely. Some can also give love readings.

How to Prepare for Online Psychic Readings

Users can choose any of the aforementioned online portals to get psychic readings from as per the tools they prefer and the skills they are looking for. Here are some ways they can prepare for one beforehand:

Choose the ideal time for online psychic readings

Most expert and professional psychic online with a lot of clients don’t have sufficient time for all of them in a single day. That’s why they offer an option which allows their customers to choose a specific time or date for a reading. Users who want to ensure they get one when they need it should schedule a time that they are comfortable with for a psychic reader.

The best time is during the night when everyone is asleep so there are no interruptions. Some people can also make time during the day if they have a flexible schedule. For example, they can book a slot during their lunch break if they can take one at all for the best psychics . The best thing to do at this point is to get a reading when there is no one about. A lot of people make fun of users who get psychic reading online so it would be best to get a session in isolation.

Prepare queries beforehand for the psychic online

Since users will be paying per minute for a session, they should prepare their queries beforehand. Otherwise, they can waste precious minutes and money stammering or trying to think of what they should ask during the session. Prepared queries will give the appointment a structure and users will be more satisfied by the outcome from online psychic readings. This should be the case with phone readings since most are quite short.

Before members have a chance to ask those questions, the diviner will kick off the appointment by interpreting their life. So some time will go into that while the rest should be used to get answers for the best psychics that can give psychic reading. All users need to do is be organized. The diviner will do the rest.

Be respectful to the psychic reader

To ensure they have a great time and make the most of each session, members should ensure they don’t get rude with the online psychics they have a session with. Sound as professional as possible even if you are a critic of the practice. So don’t chew gum or be distracted during a session especially if it is not a face to face one. Always speak in a respectful tone so the psychic can give a clear psychic reading. An anxious diviner will not be of much help to a member. Users should also have a glass of water with them so they can quench their parched throat if they speak a lot during the session.

Types of Online Psychics

Here are the different kinds of psychics that members can expect to get for their sessions depending on the site they choose for a psychic reading:

Clairvoyants – these psychics can see images from the beyond using their mind’s eye. It is one of the most common forms of psychic reading online members can find.

Clairaudients – These professionals can sense messages from the other side and covey them to their clients. Their hearing range is spiritual in this sense.

Clairsentients – This psychic reader can sense feelings from the environment around them and also from a group they are seeing.

Claircognizants – These online psychics can get direct insight from the messages around them. They have a clear knowing in this case.

Empaths – These diviners are extremely intuitive and can sense a lot of emotions from their clients easily via a psychic reading online. That is what allows them to give a reading that is both personal and fulfilling. They are great for relationship readings.

Psychic mediums – These expert diviners can speak with the angel and spiritual realms and contact those who have shed their physical forms. They can also connect with entities who are not from this realm.

Channelers – are online psychics that allow spiritual beings to possess them in a way and speak through them to their loved ones i.e. their clients. The channelers that can give psychic readings has to have a deep spiritual connection with the beyond or they cannot do this.

Tarot readers – use a special deck of cards called a Tarot deck to conduct psychic readings or a psychic reading for their clients. They use them to access their past, present and their future. Depending on the spread they get, they can divine what their clients want to know. A psychic reader that can read cards can also get general readings from the spiritual realm if they are experienced enough.

Besides these, there are also psychics who work with angel guides such as guardian angels and also spirit animals to give a psychic reading. Then there are those who work with spirit guides such like jpost i.e. beings who don’t have a physical form but are there to aid them if they need help. Online psychics who have sufficient experience can connect with both during a reading.

Members can also solicit the services of energy healers that offer psychic readings who can help them release negative energies that are holding them back from their true potential. Anything from trauma to a physical attack can result in those adverse energies. A true psychic can help their clients release them and get on with their lives.

Types of Reading Styles for Psychic Reading Online

Not all psychics are made the same. Here is the type of readings members can expect from their sessions:

Spiritual – These psychic readers can work with members to determine their soul mates, karmic relationships and even their twin flames. They often work together with spirit and angel guides to give accurate psychic reading to their clients. Some can also work out past lives.

Direct and blunt – Some online psychics don’t hold their punches when they are giving a reading and will often get right into the meaty part of a session. They rarely sugarcoat their words, so members who prefer this approach should be the only ones who solicit their services. Not many people can stand being talked to in that manner.

Conversational – Psychics who can adopt this tone are friendlier in their approach than others for a psychic reading online. They also connect with their clients faster than other psychics can which works really well for them. Rather than precise predictions, they are more skilled at making strategies for their clients after a consultation with them regarding their life choices before psychic readings. These psychic readings are also compassionate and can give members the encouragement and support they need to figure out their next move.

Final Words for Online Psychic Readings

The aforementioned psychic portals and a psychic reader can help you get the closure you are looking for in life via a psychic reading online. Members who have already had great experiences should recommend them to their loved ones who are going through difficult times and need psychic readings. 

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