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People celebrate many Hindu festivals across the country, like Raksha Bandhan. And while we know the meaning behind the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, we usually don’t see the significance of the different types of rakhis that we tie to our brother. One must know the metaphor behind the design of a rakhi so they can choose their rakhi thoughtfully.  Rakhi Bazaar doesn’t only sell beautiful and traditional rakhis but also explains what importance each rakhi design hold. Let us understand the significance of some traditional rakhis and why different elements and designs inspire their making.

Rakhi, Relationships, and Their Relevance –

1.        Sandalwood rakhi: The scent of sandalwood is extracted from the sacred sandalwood tree that has been a vast spiritual reference for centuries. The scent of sandalwood is known to be holy because no other tree smells as pleasantly as sandalwood. This is why branches of the sandalwood tree and paste extracted from it are used in religious offerings to purify the atmosphere, calm the mind and relax anxiety in people. A rakhi infused with sandalwood scent does the same to the person who wears it. So, by gifting sandalwood rakhi to your brother, you are presenting him with an anti-anxiety element that will give him peace of mind.

2.        Ganesh rakhi: Ganesh Ji is the son of Goddes Parvati and Lord Shiva. He is the symbol of auspiciousness and positivity. In the Hindu religion, Ganesh Ji is worshiped before beginning any new task or project since their blessing ensures the task gets fulfilled without any problem. This is why Ganesh Ji is highly revered, and his blessings are sought in multiple ways, and Ganesh Rakhi is one such way. If a girl wants to gift positivity, prosperity, auspiciousness, and a blissful future to her brother, she buys Ganesh rakhi for him. It keeps the negativity at bay and protects her brother from all sorts of evil.

3.        Rudraksha Rakhi: Rudraksha is the bead of the God of the Gods, Lord Shiva. It is said that the precious bead is made with the tears of Lord Shiva as Rudra means Shiva and aksha means tears. Apart from being associated with Lord Shiva, Rudraksha is also known for having healing powers and energies that can cure all sorts of problems. Anyone who gets to wear a rudraksha bead is considered lucky and blessed. This major spiritual significance of rudraksha beads makes rudraksha rakhi a favorable one amongst sisters. They buy Rudraksha Rakhi and tie it on their brother’s wrist to gift them blessings of Lord Shiva and his healing powers.

4.        Mauli Rakhi: Mauli is also known as Raksha sutra or protection thread. The thread is called a protection thread because it has a vast historical and religious reference, making it one of the most used threads in holy offerings and devotional occasions. The cotton thread is colored with two dyes, orange, and red. The Mauli thread is used to keep negative energies away, so before any auspicious or essential task begins, people tie a Mauli thread on their wrists. Since Mauli thread is considered blissful and a foolproof solution to fight negativity in life, girls buy online rakhi made with Mauli threads to bless their brothers with a negativity-free life and blissful future endeavors.

5.        Om rakhis: Om is the symbol of Lord Shiva. He is denoted with it, and it is said that he lives in this Om symbol. Since Lord Shiva is known for keeping his mind calm, thoughts under control, and his entire aura relaxed by meditating for several days and sometimes for years. Om symbol is similarly considered the ultimate symbol of relaxation, calm, and peace since it is associated with Lord Shiva. People include the Om symbol in their lives in various forms to increase their focus and to have the effect of meditation on their brains. One such form is an Om symbol rakhi. Sisters who are concerned about their brother’s mental well-being gift their brothers Om rakhi from  Rakhibazaar.com and all the goodness the Om symbol offers.

6.        Swastika rakhi: Just like Om is the symbol of Lord Shiva; Swastika is the symbol of Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva. And the swastika symbol is significant apart from that of Lord Ganesha Ji. The swastika symbol is known to be inherited by good fortune, prosperity, positivity, and goodness of planet mars and infused with powers. And let’s be honest, everyone needs all these good things in their lives, so they bring the swastika symbol into their lives in some way or the other. There are various types of swastika rakhis in the market, and sisters get the chance to bless their brothers with the goodness of powers and prosperity quickly. Hence they buy swastika rakhi on Raksha Bandhan and gift their brother a token of good fortune.

Those were a handful of religiously inspired rakhis. A wide variety of modern rakhis are available at Rakhi Bazaar, which is auspicious and has some significance. Let us have a look at some of these rakhis too.

Ancient Values with a Modern Approach –

1.        Evil Eye Rakhi: Evil eyes are a modern way of keeping evil eyes and evil intentions away. The evil eye symbol is so famous amongst this generation that you can see evil eye designs on cushions, clothes, earrings, phone covers, and whatnot. People who are superstitious and want to keep other people’s evil eyes at bay from them and their loved ones even buy eye bracelets and wear them 24*7. The beautifully designed and modern-looking blue and black colored symbol of the evil eye is inspired by various cultures and traditions to stay protected from bad luck and terrible fate caused by the evil stare of others. This is why girls buy evil eye bracelet rakhis on Raksha Bandhan to save their brothers from negativity and nasty sight.

2.        Silver rakhi: Silver is a prestigious and famous metal that is soft to touch and shiny to look at. The metal is known for its cooling properties and is a metaphor for the moon. The reason why silver is in demand and has popularity is that it signifies the feminine energy and its qualities. Apart from that, silver also represents strength, clarity, purity, and focus. And these qualities are why silver has holy and religious importance too. The modern silver rakhis have transformed so beautifully, and their designs are flawless that people often can’t believe their eyes when they see silver rakhis. Therefore, girls who wish their brothers all the strength, power, and focus buy silver rakhis from the  Rakhi bazaar and tie them on their brother’s wrists.

3.        Golden Rakhi: Everyone knows that gold is one of the finest, most popular, and most favorable metals. The gold medal is also expensive, and not everyone can afford it. But everyone likes a touch of gold in their festivities since gold has a very prominent religious significance. Gold is known as the element of Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of fortune and fame. Gold is also associated with power, prosperity, divinity, and richness. People like to add gold or golden things to their festivals to impress goddess Laxmi and seek her blessings in the form of good fortune. This is why many golden rakhis are sold during Raksha Bandhan with multiple designs covered n golden color so that sisters can buy golden rakhis and gift their brothers a path towards good fortune and power.

4.        Navratan Rakhi: Nav means nine, and ratan means gems, a Navratan rakhi has a replica of the nine precious gems. These gems include a replica of Ruby stone for the sun, a replica of Pearl stone for the moon, a replica of red coral for the Mars, a replica of Emerald for the Mercury, a replica of Yellow sapphire for the Jupiter, a replica of diamond for the Venus, a replica of blue sapphire for the Saturn, a replica of Hessonite for the ascending lunar node or rakhu, and a replica of cat’s eye for descending lunar node or Ketu. And since these planets are powerful and to control them, their respective stones are required to have their favor and keep them in control. Similarly, a Navratan rakhi is bought with the same thought.

And those were some of the modern rakhis that are also traditionally sound and have beautiful meanings and thoughtful explanations behind their designs. While many people buy rakhis only for their attractive designs, knowing which method is inspired by which thought and significance of each rakhi design is essential to add knowledge and goodness to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

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