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HUNGRY? —There’s nothing like a  “FREE LUNCH” 

Now that we have your attention…... —Hostkicker is here to change the future of Web Hosting!!!

Imagine, you are planning quick weekend trip the nearest Hill station. You have packed the best of your warm clothes, have a road map in place, packed all the essentials and selected the places where you want to stay. But wait…. you don’t have a car. You actually don’t have a transport to travel to the hills.

That’s how it is, when you have a website and don’t have a Web Hosting Service. Hostkicker is a Web Hosting firm that will help you make your website online. It offers efficient and prompt hosting services like Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting and the best VPS hosting at an unbelievable price - $0.99 for 6 months.

Hostkicker is proudly serving more than 1100+ clients and hosting more than 1500+ websites at present. If you are wondering why Hostkicker? Dive into the scholarly text to find the answer yourself. There are plenty of Free web hosting services, such as Wordpress.com, Awardspace, Wix, Freehostia, etc., available if you’re on a tight budget or initiating your new website; however, they come with their own caveats. Even the best free web hosting comes with limited specifications compared to paid hosting.

Free plans may hold limited storage, data transfer restrictions, narrow tech support, ads, and much more. That is why, if your dreams and goals with your website are bigger, you will need a paid web hosting service like Hostkicker. Their hosting offers Highly secure Tier 4 Servers spread across 11 locations, more disk space, ads-free solutions, and great tech support.

Hostkicker’s WordPress hosting lets you build a site in an environment that caters to the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, and 32 other apps. Joomla, Dolphin, Laravel, and OpenCart are a few of them, to name some. Their server is optimized for WordPress, phpBB, WHMCS, and many other web tools, and you can easily install them with a single click without any hassle.

If we talk about Bandwidth, it represents the total amount of data that can be transferred at one time. Websites need higher Bandwidth to manage higher traffic to their site. To answer this, Hostkicker provides unlimited Bandwidth for its different plans at significantly discounted prices as compared to other hosting providers in the market. Unlimited bandwidth will help transfer the data at amazing speeds, and it can help you manage traffic to your site more conveniently without any lag time.

Moreover, Server locations are another crucial factor you must consider while choosing a hosting service. Server locations affect the speed of a website, and your website may suffer if your hosting server locations are narrowly situated. In far areas, data transfer may delay, affecting your site’s traffic. Again, Hostkicker is the solution. Its Tier 4 servers are located in 11 regions across five continents, from the United States to Europe to Asia. This will let your website enjoy site traffic from different continents at blazing speeds, which in turn will help your brand to expand more efficiently. At the same time, you cannot run your website on the Internet without web hosting. Hostkicker easily lets your website go live and makes it available on the world wide web in a jiffy. You and your users can easily access its assets without any delay, whenever needed.

Hostkicker has launched an  UNPARALLED communication channel for its clients-  AdviceOnClick. This is the latest push notification tool that can be used to send upcoming or new features to customers. This tool will help you in maintaining site traffic and steer more users to your website without the need of any messaging app. This push notification platform is developed to be compatible with all devices and is a FOREVER FREE, ADS FREE solution.

Hostkicker’s pricing and payment methods are simple, with no hidden costs. There are no additional charges for SSL certificates, backup facilities, data transfer, and push notification services. Unlike other hosting providers, Hostkicker is offering all these essential features free of cost. You can enjoy all these services without spending an extra single penny. If you choose Hostkicker, you can choose from its different reasonably priced plans, namely - Shared hosting, dedicated server and cloud VPS starting at just $0.99. You can opt for shared hosting if you are new to this world of web hosting and want to set up your website. These are great for small to medium-sized businesses.

If you want more flexibility, you can choose dedicated hosting. It gives you more control over the server. The third option it provides is cloud VPS hosting, where you can scale your Online presence as per your needs. One great thing about Hostkicker’s plans is that you can upgrade or scale down your plans as per your project’s needs by contacting Hostkicker’s support team anytime.

What About HostKicker support? So yes, Hostkicker will be there for you every second and every minute and will support you round the clock throughout the year. You can live chat with Hostkicker 24/7/365 as and when you need. We all need assistance from time to time. Hostkicker stands out here as well. Anytime you have a concern about your service, Big or small, HostKicker’s experts will provide great support; they are always available to provide the best service possible. They can suggest areas of improvement to help you enhance your performance (and reap better outputs). 

Additionally, Hostkicker allows you to register a new domain name. You can filter hundreds of domain names according to your business and choose from plenty of options. Hostkicker is powered by cPanel and is optimized for WordPress and other popular apps such as AbanteCart, SMF, MyBB, ph7Builder, Open Real Estate, and many more.

It backups your daily data twice a day and provides you with Unlimited SSL Certificates for every domain and subdomain. Furthermore, it lets you easily migrate your website from your previous hosting to Hostkicker. Regardless of how many websites you want to migrate, it allows you to migrate as many websites as you like for free without mandating additional charges. So, Hostkicker gives you transparency at each step.

From payment methods to its services. You can trust Hostkicker and give it a chance to help you raise your Internet presence.

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