A Zero-Spam World is a wonderful thing: Houm.me by Bijaei Jayaraj attempts to give us back control of our data.

The internet world has gone astray, says Bijaei Jayaraj, Founder, Houm Technology Private Limited. Too much personal data and too much power with the tech giants like Google and Facebook has made them surveillance platforms and gatekeepers of innovation. Our data today is extracted and harvested by online giants before being used to target advertisements at us as we browse the internet. We have no control over anything we do on the internet, whether it is connecting, making an audio or video call, sharing over the internet, browsing, or storing your personal data. You are in no control of inflow or outflow of your data.

Bijaei’s answer to the problem is technology that gives individuals complete control and power over their personal data. He says each person should be able to control his or her own private data. This will require entrepreneurs, engineers and investors to see products and services beyond the current product and technology landscape, just how it would have been seen when the World Wide Web was invented by Mr. Berners-Lee.

Houm.me - Where Privacy is not the opposite of sharing – rather, it is control over sharing.

Bijaei’s second venture houm.me is focused on giving consumers a private place on the internet where consumers can share, chat and call people who matter most to them. Store their valuable documents and precious photos. All of this without any fear of surveillance and getting analyzed by any person or any organization.

Bijaei says, Your digital home is your private place on the internet. A place that you actually own and is private. In the physical world, our home is the only place where we can lock the door and be sure that no one else can come in or analyze what we do or what we store. At houm.me, you can create such a private place for you on the internet your digital home, where you can keep all our digital assets – files, messages, pictures, notes, videos, documents, chat, digital interactions and all kinds of other digital assets and lock the door. No one else can come in, access or see what’s inside your digital home, just as no one can enter your physical home without your permission, and what you do in your home is absolutely private to you. Similarly, your digital home is a private place on the internet that you actually own, and a place where no one can enter or see what you store or what you do. Not even Houm Technology. You can build a Houm and experience the product at www.houm.me

About Bijaei Jayaraj, an alumnus of Hyderabad’s Indian School of Business (ISB)

Houm Technology is Bijaei’s second venture. Bijaei’s first venture Loylty Rewardz was acquired by BillDesk for USD 100 million. Houm Technology, a made in India start-up is determined to bring digital privacy back to consumers, by creating the concept of private, individual ownership of the internet.

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