Planning a destination wedding? Here are four reasons to avail of a personal loan

A wedding is a special celebration, and people often choose exotic destinations to host this beautiful event. Every year, people flock to locations like Jaipur, Kerala, and Goa to celebrate a destination wedding. Couples also pick international locations with stunning palaces, mountain tops, and pristine beaches to tie the knot. With the right destination, your wedding can look like a fairy tale that’s picture-perfect in every frame. However, a big fat destination wedding is an expensive affair.

While savings alone usually don’t suffice, financial constraints should not stop you from living your dream wedding. Instead of spending your life savings on a wedding, consider a marriage loan or a personal loan for your wedding celebrations. It gives you access to funds, ensuring that you can execute every aspect of your dream wedding.

Here’s why a marriage loan is an ideal way to finance your destination wedding.

Large sanction of a wedding loan allows you to fund any expense

The cost of a destination wedding depends on the venue, logistics, catering, guests, wedding favours, etc. International destinations also involve the currency exchange rate, and depending on the scale of the wedding; this budget can go sky-high. Irrespective of the choice of the destination, be it Rajasthan or Italy, it is the venue and catering that will form a massive component of your budget.

If you plan to use your savings, you’re at risk of running out of funds by simply financing basic expenses. However, with a marriage loan, you get access to surplus funds that you can use without the worry of running short. You can have your dream wedding on the white sands and emerald waters of Bali or in the peaceful and charming valleys of Tuscany without compromising.

Spend lavishly as you see fit to fulfil any desire

Modern-day couples prefer having a wedding as per their wishes and desires, personalised to suit their tastes. This could mean having an all-white wedding by the beach or a royal wedding in a palace courtyard. Irrespective of the theme, a wedding loan can help you finance all these expenses with ease.

A personal loan for a wedding has no restrictions on how and where you spend the loan amount. The lender does not impose any rules on its end-use. Therefore, you can use the sanction for a range of expenses. Whether it’s purchasing the best bridal wear, makeup artist celebrity designer or hiring a wedding planner to ensure everything goes as per your dream. You have the freedom to use the money as you wish.

Prompt financing ensures timely booking for wedding services

A destination wedding, especially during the wedding season, is a time-sensitive affair. You need to hire a wedding planner, photographer, makeup and hair specialists, caterer, decorators, and finalize much more at the earliest. You’ll want to hire the best to ensure that everything is flawless on your wedding day. Moreover, a destination wedding would also require you to book hotels and transportation for your guests. All of this requires prompt availability of funds.

Thankfully, you can apply for a marriage loan online in just a few minutes. And since it is a personal loan, it is unsecured and does not require any collateral. You apply and qualify for funds based on your credit and financial profile. Once approved, the loan amount gets disbursed on the same day. This makes it easy for you to book the services you need on time.

Repay the loan comfortably based on your capabilities

Destination weddings are not only expensive but highly stressful too! And repaying a loan can add to that stress. However, you do not need to worry about hurriedly repaying your wedding loan. Most lenders offer a flexible repayment tenor with competitive personal loan interest rates. So, you can repay the loan conveniently, choosing a suitable EMI structure as per your finances without putting a strain on your savings. To find the best terms, use a personal loan interest calculator before you apply.

With the help of a marriage loan, you can easily plan your destination wedding anywhere in the world. Book a historical palace in Udaipur or a sea-facing resort in the Maldives and get a team of the best photographers to capture every moment.

Whatever the expense, your loan can help you handle it seamlessly and conveniently. However, it is crucial to choose the right lender. Renowned lenders such as Bajaj Finserv assure a hassle-free borrowing experience.

A Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan offers you a sanction of up to Rs. 25 lakh with a flexible tenor ranging up to 60 months. Additionally, you can avail of the Flexi facility here and reduce your EMIs by up to 45%*. To avail of these benefits and more, apply online or download the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan app.

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