Myth vs Facts: All You Need to Know About Drinking Water and UV-C Purification

Water is so routine yet so essential to everyday living. You’d think we’d know everything there is to know about this calorie-free liquid that keeps us hydrated, but that’s far from the truth. There are so many misconceptions regarding water and so many questions we continue to ask: Do we need eight glasses of water every day? Does water help you lose weight? And how? Here we set the record straight.

1. Everyone should drink eight glasses of water daily

Myth: The need to drink eight glasses of water a day to keep your body adequately hydrated is considered gospel truth. However, it is nothing more than a common health misconception with no medical evidence to support it. Health experts are clueless as to where the whole theory originated.

Fact: The World Health Organization’s recommendation for water intake has made it clear that the amount of water needed depends on your age, gender, health, the climate you live in, your tendency to sweat, and the physical activity you indulge in. In addition to that, the American Institute of Medicine has recommended that women should consume about two litres or eight glasses every day while men should aim for three liters or 12 glasses a day. Water can be substituted by any fluids. However, that does not change the fact that water is the most economical fluid available to keep you hydrated. It’s also the healthiest.

Myth vs Facts: All You Need to Know About Drinking Water and UV-C Purification

2. Drinking more water flushes toxins from the body

Myth: Make no mistake but drinking more water has no additional benefit. Water on its own doesn’t neutralise any toxins in your body.

Fact: If you drink more water, your body will get rid of it in the form of urine. The key function of your kidneys is to ensure that the water flushed out equals the water you consume. If that does not happen, the body will start retaining water, leading to swelling of the legs. Those suffering from heart and kidney ailments experience this. For most healthy individuals while drinking excess water is not harmful, the truth is it does not aid in flushing toxins.

3. Drinking lots of water equals healthier skin

Myth: It is commonly believed that staying hydrated can lead to bright, youthful, and vibrant skin but there is little to no evidence to support this.

Fact: There are many external factors that determine what your skin looks like, like the products you use, your cleansing process, oil glands, the environment, etc. Of course, if you are constantly dehydrated then your skin will lack moisture on the inside, making it look dull and eventually wrinkled.

4. Drinking water can help you lose weight

Myth: It is believed that drinking water helps with weight loss. However, drinking water is not a workout. What water does is aid the process of weight loss.

Fact: Water suppresses your appetite which then keeps you fuller for longer. If you replace it with other beverages, it reduces your overall consumption of calories thus leading to weight loss. Water helps reduce stress, makes working out easier, and stimulates your metabolism.

Myth vs Facts: All You Need to Know About Drinking Water and UV-C Purification

5. If you are thirsty, you are dehydrated

Myth: If you start to feel thirsty, it is believed that you are dehydrated but that is not true. It only means that you need to grab a glass of water.

Fact: Thirst is generally triggered by a decrease in your body’s water content. It is your body’s way of telling you to drink water but it does not mean you are dehydrated the minute you feel parched. However, if you develop dizziness, confusion, and in an extreme situation, you stop urinating then you are at the risk of being dehydrated.

Now that we have some facts about water cleared, let’s talk about the ideal way to consume water. The drinking water we consume comes from wells, municipal water systems, groundwater, and natural springs. Each of these forms may contain bacteria and other toxic elements, which make the water unhealthy and not safe for human consumption. Hence, the water you drink needs to be treated.

A good water purifier installed with a UV-C tube guarantees that the water you are drinking is disinfected. It can neutralise microorganisms like bacteria, moulds, yeasts, and even viruses.

Myth vs Facts: All You Need to Know About Drinking Water and UV-C Purification

OSRAM is considered as one of the most trusted UV-C tube suppliers for a majority of the water purifier brands and comes with global accreditation. It is recommended that you purchase a water purifier with a pre-installed UV-C tube. And if you are already using a UV-C based water purifier, make sure that the effectiveness of the UV-C tube is tested from time to time during the service of the water purifier. The UV-C tube should be authentic and functional. However, this is something that only a technician can figure out. Regular checks during the service are recommended. If filters are functional but the UV-C tube is obsolete means that your water purification process is not foolproof. If the UV-C tube requires replacement, OSRAM HNS UV-C is what you need to ensure safe drinking water.

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