Kickstart your Career with Collegedunia Data Science Certification in Partnership with NIT Patna

Data Science is declared as the most sought-after career of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review. Data Science job opportunities are steadily increasing in every sector be it Healthcare, Finance, Media, Cybersecurity, etc. due to the transition of traditional business models to online mode. Data Science/Analytics jobs saw a 30.1% increase in April 2022, compared to the previous year (April 2021) as quoted in a report by Analytics India Magazine.

Subsequently, there is a hike in the median salary of the Data Science professionals. As per a report by Glassdoor, the expected median salary of a Data Scientist, Data Science Engineer and Data Analyst is INR 10 lakhs, INR 8.71 lakhs and INR 6 lakhs annually, respectively. Yet the demand for Data Science professionals hasn’t been met due to the lack of individuals that possess industry-relevant skills.

To meet the increasing demand, Collegedunia in partnership with NIT Patna is offering a Data Science certification. The aim of Collegedunia Data Science certification is to teach students the relevant and in-demand tools and techniques; along with practical exposure and soft-skills training. Collegedunia Data Science certification is different from any other certification course online as it offers the opportunity to get certified from NIT Patna and E&ICT Academy, learn from 6+ industry professionals, work on 5+ real-world projects, and join a network of experienced Data Science professionals.

1.   Choose a Certification with a Holistic Curriculum

Full-time Data Science courses focus mostly on the theoretical portion. They don’t teach the practical applications of Data Science or offer any real-world projects to work on. 

Collegedunia Data Science certification offers 5+ real-world projects on practical applications & principles of Data Science. It also helps students to master over 10 tools/languages required in the Data Science domain. The course is taught by experts working in the Data Science industry for more than 6 years. Moreover, the course is self-paced and costs just a fraction of any full-time Data Science degree.

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2. Master a Specific Data Science Tool/Language

Data Science job roles demand a thorough knowledge of a particular tool or language such as SQL, Kubernetes, MLFlow, Kuberflow, and more. The median salary of Data Science professionals with such skills is much higher than the national average. The median salary of a Data Scientist with proficiency in Kuberflow is around INR 26 lakhs per annum. Data Science professionals with expertise in MLFlow, Qlikview and Kubernetes earn around INR 24.2, 18.1, and 17.7 lakhs per annum, respectively.

Therefore, a Data Science certification that allows students to master a variety of Data Science tools and languages is a go to choice. Collegedunia Data Science certification offers instructor-guided lectures and exercises to master more than 10 tools/languages related to Data Science like Python, Jupyter, SQL, Matplotlib, PyCharm, Seaborn, NumPy, Pandas, and more.

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3. Work on Real-World Data Science Projects

Students can gain real-world experience by working on real-world projects. This helps them to build their skill set and add to their current repository. Collegedunia Data Science certification has over 5+ real-world projects to offer. These guided projects will teach students the practical applications and principles of Data Science such as supply-demand analysis, e-commerce analysis, churn model, price prediction, and exploratory data analysis.

4. Networking with other Data Science Professionals

Aspirants can gain insights and get job referrals by joining peer groups or connecting with industry experts. Collegedunia Data Science certification in partnership with NIT Patna includes profile building workshops, career mentoring sessions, complementary placement opportunities, and soft skills training. Students will also be certified by E&ICT Academy of NIT Patna which will allow them to network with their alumni. Students will be able to get 1-on-1 guidance from 6 experienced instructors in Data Science. They are all connected with tech giants such as Dell, Flipkart and Nomura Holdings Inc.

5. Soft Skills Training

To become an all-rounder Data Science professional, a Data Science certification with the soft skills training like the one offered by Collegedunia & NIT Patna is essential. A Data Science professional should be able to communicate effectively with the stakeholders to present their data findings or results and come up with an effective business strategy. They must also be able to think critically, have problem-solving and listening skills. 

Among the various online Data Science certifications available today, Collegedunia Data Science certification in partnership with NIT Patna appears to offer a holistic curriculum that can help aspirants to gain practical experience, master the right tools and languages and connect with the Data Science experts. Data Science job opportunities are flourishing and the world is in desperate need of professionals with the industry-relevant skills to unlock the potential of data.

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